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  1. bendigo budgie club auction on 30/7/2011 check online for details cheers clearwing
  2. Thanks for the link GB interesting reading.
  3. Hi Splat, as you know I grow all those herbs, but would need to know the exact benefit to my birds before I fed them herbs. I have some books on herbs for humans, thats why I grow them, but I'll have to research benefits for birds Cheers Clearwing
  4. Hi, just my observation, the cage looks fine, but you may need to change the name as I think its Del Girl not Boy. Cheers Clearwing
  5. I have never washed eggs, but at the first sign eggs are getting dirty, I replace the sawdust in the breeding box. Cheers Clearwing
  6. You should have no problems Stew, but as you said if any surface seems dirty or oily, wash it down with brown vinegar. Cheers Clearwing
  7. My observation over nearly 50 years in the hobby, is that money does not make the breeder. Many people have tried to buy success but it has been short lived, they usually leave the hobby after a few years. The way to success is to develope the breeders eye. You must have a picture in your head of what you are trying to breed. If you can't keep it in your head, blow up some pictures of top birds and paste them on the wall in your breeding room, then pair up your birds trying to produce your ideal. My story is different, I began breeding budgies at 7 years of age. I was a sick kid always ill, so I read a lot of budgie books and developed my own ideal in my head. I tried to breed budgies that pleased me [ I still do this] Some years later the President of the local budgie club came and visited me and talked me into joining the club. The following year I went to my first show where I won Grand Champion, Reserve Champion, Champion Young Bird, Champion Adult and All the begginner trophies, after that show I was told I was now in Open section. My point is this, you need to know what your trying to breed, otherwise you just pair up and hope. You need to develope an eye for a bird and if you can't you need to seek help from someone who already has one. It is not about how big your wallet is, its about your ability as a breeder and your husbandry skills. My best UBC's so far this year are from a small violet cock [well bred] but nothing flash, but I had a gut feeling he would produce good chicks and for once I've been proven right. I keep telling myself I should trust my instincts more but even after 50 years I get sucked in to breeding certain lines, possibly because of the reputation of the breeder instead of the quality of the bird. Anyway I hope this makes sense its 3.45am so I should go to bed. Cheers Clearwing
  8. Good luck to all members who have birds selected for the national show, its such an honor to represent your state. Unfortunately I won't be there this year will be in Melbourne seeing Dr Zhivargo with my wife. Hope you all have agreat weekend. Cheers Clearwing HEY PT nothing mentioned at our shield selection today on perch size which is unusal not much about anything down here How did you fare. Our best result yet Seven going for a weekend away. . Dont think we have anything that will shake the budgie world but byou never know Cheers TAZ D .
  9. Quails are considered okay as companion birds for budgerigars, however, in my experience quails are too active and cry out during the night which may upset birds on the nest. Cheers Clearwing
  10. Very nice I like Neo the shape of his face is what we like to see. Cheers Clearwing
  11. I have a hen with one foot missing, she is fine and breeds well, the trick is to make sure she has flat perches not round, so that she can rest the stump on the perch for balance. Hope this helps your hen. Cheers Clearwing
  12. Hi, and welcome, this really is a great hobby for adults and kids alike. Cheers Clearwing
  13. Welcome Amy I'm sure you'll have a ball this breeding season. Cheers Clearwing
  14. Totally disagree with Kaz on this one, I have won Diplomas with chicks bred from brother and sister matings, and I continue to mate this way occasionally, if the line is strong enough. As long as their parents were not closely related and you now outcross the young, you'll have no problem with them Cheers Clearwing.
  15. Both look like hens to me Cheers Clearwing
  16. clearwing


    Welcome Taz, good to have you on board. I'll be in Tassie frequently for business maybe we can catch uo some time. Cheers Clearwing
  17. Hi Joey, welcome. You may be a handy guy to know, my wife is a pilot and we're thinking of buying our first plane, unfortuneately we live in different states. Cheers Clearwing
  18. Hi Cheeky, welcome . I'm sure we'll get along well as we share the same name, we are both called me! Cheers Clearwing
  19. Happy bithday to you, happy bithday to you...... Cheers Clearwing
  20. As exhibition Budgerigar breeders, we should be encouraging the breeding and exhibition of ALL the recognised colours and varieties. I was personally disapointed when we changed our show classes in Victoria to match the national as we had seperate classes for light greens and dark greens, sky blues and dark factor blues and each variety was seperated into green and blue classes. It was a good system and served us well for a long time. I guess I'm getting old , but I'm getting sick of changes being made all the time, particularly without proper consultation with the fancy. Cheers Clearwing
  21. Maywell be a mating thing, but I suggest you keep an eye on her, is she in good condition? does she have meat over her breast bone, or is she really skinny? also watch he vent incase she gets wet vent. Cheers Clearwing
  22. Where I live we have extremes in weather ranging from minus 5 degrees c to 46 degrees c, so I don't think you need to worry. Cheers Clearwing
  23. Well done Ratzy spot on. Cheers Clearwing
  24. The melanistic spangle is interesting, I remember years ago Mr Bryce Grinlington [ who was the first top breeder to be sold spangles by Merv jones, who first bred them ] produced these spangles in numbers, he called them grizzled spangles. No-one took much notice of them and they were penalized heavily on the show bench as having the wrong markings. Now that they have re-amerged everyone wants them. When we first took the spangle birds to be recognized as a variety, I remember having discussions with many of our top breeders at the time, I told them "we don't yet know what this variety is capable of, as it was produced in a colony breeding environment and has many varieties in its background including Danish Pieds and Greywings." Cheers Clearwing
  25. He is not a half-sider, he has a pied marking over one cheek patch making it white instead of blue. Cheers Clearwing
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