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  1. Hi PT Wish i could be there this year as it looks like it should be a great auction. Hopefully be there for the one next year.
  2. Thanks Sunnie its quite an achievement to get one in let alone your 3 you must be pleased. Where driving down on the friday morning it will be the first nat ive been to so should be a eye opener. Best of luck
  3. I havn't bought any of the new perches yet im waiting until i have to change them. I havn't heard any opinions on them yet good or bad yet. I have one that made it in the team going this week so im really excited.
  4. Well done at that rate you will be in open. Sounds like it was a great day. do you have any pics
  5. Thanks Jimmy made for a great read
  6. Just curious wether anyone has ever managed to get chicks to hatch from eggs with twin embyros (as far as im aware its unlikely). I currently have a pair with a egg underneath that cleary has twins in it. Will try to see if i can arrange some pics tomorrow. The egg itself is about twice the size of the others.
  7. I think GB is right in it being Opaline Spangle. It has the Spangle tail and check patches. So if you can work out which pairs you have that are spangle or DF spangle you may be able to narrow down which pair this bird is off. The bird does appear to be fallow in the last picture with the intensified body colour over the rump but to achieve this you would need both parents to be carrying the fallow gene and if your not breeding them intentionally this is unlikey to occur as they are a variety that can be harder to obtain but in saying this there is a lot of colour suffision in this bird if this is a lacewing or Ino. If you pair this bird up with a Ino or Lacewing and get no red eyed babies you will know its fallow as you will get 100% red eye babies if it is ino or Lacewing.
  8. If the hen is breeding she will save all her poop up and just come out of the nest box when she has to and will just do big massive poo's which is what this looks like. If you are concerned you can always take a sample to you avian vet and have them look at it under the mircoscope.quote name='Maddy' timestamp='1297139042' post='360775'] I couldn't for the life of me find the topic on budgie poop, so I gave up and started a new topic. These were found in my breeding pair's cage, about 5 minutes after changing the newspaper I sat there and waited for the cock bird to defecate to see if it was him (as I didn't recall the hen leaving the nest) but his poos are normal. The one on the far left has white in it but the other is like a milky colour around the poop. And as you can see by how its soaked into the (clean) newspaper, its very watery. Upon saying this, the inside of the nest is fairly clean, with a few old egg bum poos (the really big solid ones) and is dry. So I hope its not serious and just stress poop.
  9. Looks like an albino male to me too. I had one similar and his eyes were so dark that I couldn't see the red in them but he was proven by breeding to be albino Thanks for the confirmation Neville. I have found photos of the original birds the day I bought them. I also had an Albino female but the rat got her earlier this year. This is the photo of the albino female (1 year old) and Marvin as I bought them as a pair (If I had known genetics then I would have quite happily paired these two up!!!!!!!!!!) This is Snowflake and Ma when I bought them - also 1 year olds. The main problem being is the bird on the left is the now Albino male and the bird on the right (with deformed feet) is Ma, Double Factor spangle mum. So without knowing these birds histories - what genetics are these three white birds please? Sorry to keep going on about these white birds but I am confused as to when this Albino male came along. He had a brownish cere when I got them as you can see but in later photos I have he is definitely an Albino male as his cere is same as now. Are these birds younger than 1 year when I got them or is something wrong with the Albino's cere? Many thanks The Albino female here looks more like a cock if you say it was a year old when this picture was taken. The 2 white birds in the second picture are both girls without a doubt. Maybe it was the DF hen you lost to the rat and the albino hen was always a cock. They are a little bit tricker to sex if you are unaware of the cere colour in this variety. If you look at the beak colour of the original picture you put up the beak is quite yellow. The same colour as the bird your saying is the albino hen and nothing like the other two hens
  10. Hi There Yes she is cinnamonwing and appears to be a clearflighted pied i think she is sky violet or cobalt in colour it's hard to tell in one shot she looks sky but in the others she looks darker. The cinnamonwing also dilutes the colour to an extent
  11. Albino still get the white iris rings around the eyes. The only birds that don't are the Recessive Pieds, the dark eye clears and one variety of fallows(English) that to my knowledge are not here in australia but would be really interested to know if anybody does in fact have them here. Sometimes you need really good light to see the red in the eyes as they can still be quite dark and you say this birds could be a plum colour, The flesh coloured cere is also consistent with the red eye cock birds that don't get the normal blue ceres. Without actuslly seeing the bird in front of me i will stick with a Albino Cock. Hello - No red eyes. They are dark - not sure if plum or not as I can't tell the difference but as you can see has white around the eye. Many thanks
  12. The Bird is a spangle which is dominant in their breeding pattern. To breed them all you need is one parent that is spangle and you should get 50% normal 50% Spangle from a Spangle to normal pairing. If you pair 2 spangles together you can then produce what is call a DF Spangle which is a all yellow or white bird depending on whether the bird is Green or blue series. This bird also looks to be a dark factor bird i believe Dark Green violet but could be incorrect. If you search this site im sure you could find plenty of info on Spangles
  13. If this birds has red eyes instead of black i would say an Albino Cock.
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