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  1. okay so we think it may be a boy! Oh no, well I just put a nest box in so I guess I'll find out sooner or later! How long roughly do they start laying eggs after you put in a nest box?
  2. okay so here is a photo of the budgie in question as a BABY (3 yrs ago) AND here is a photo of the budgie in question NOW If you can tell me what sex it is I'll be a happy man, Cheers! here is a better picture....
  3. Oh cool, mine are black and tan, and the other is chocolate and tan Can someone teach me how to post a picture? Cheers!
  4. Hey Finnie! Yeah it has been a while! my budgie to me was always a boy because that's what I'd been told, but when ?his? cere finally changed colour to brown I was a bit confused! So I thought I better check it out! And I can't believe you remembered that! that's fantastic, my puppy is good also, she is 2 1/2 yrs old and very playful still! And my other boy is 8yrs. Hey Nadene! Dachshunds are brilliant, what colours do you have? I would attach a picture but I've forgotten how to?
  5. Hello, I have two budgies, I was told when they were babies they were both boys, this was based on their baby ceres, one of the birds ceres turned blue after 6 months and the other did not change from its pinky coloured baby cere until now, and it is 3 yrs old, it has turned brown, what does this mean? Cheers!
  6. well done on your first ever budgie clutch maddie! you did a great job, and as a reward have 3 beautiful little chicks they all look amazing and i wish you the best in your future budgie breeding endeavours, Grant x
  7. hey maddy, sorry to hear about gloria! she was a real cutie, but what happens happens, and she will be dearly missed your other 3 are looking marvellous, how are things travelling for them since they were removed from the mother? good luck, cant wait to see more picture updates Grant
  8. is waiting for something to happen.

  9. wow they are all growing up to be quite pretty! cant wait to see the pied markings! congratulations on your healthy chicks Alpaca-boy!
  10. i love the cinnamon green hen too!! wow maddy your getting quite a collection, looks like your budgerigar activities are off to a good start and im glad your club is so nice, and that your enjoying it! good luck with them all, they are beautiful!
  11. awww maddy!! im so happy for you ive been reading the breeding journal and i think they all look so lovely and healthy and little potato is just adorable, he is my favourite but is little potato a boy or girl?? good luck and keep posting pictures, im loving them, i like watching them grow and your pictures show their transition well! all the best, Grant
  12. how are they going??? would love to see some more picture updates! =] =] very excited to ssee how they will turn out all the best Alpaca-boy.
  13. hey maddy! glad to see you have some healthy chicks on the way!! cant wait to see there feathers =] good luck with them, it will be your first time being a budgie mum. Are you going to keeep all the babies?? From Grant.
  14. you are so lucky brendan to have experienced a fantastic bird such as polly i can only hope one day i have a special bird like yours =] he obviously was a great character and close to your heart, im sure he would have forgiven you as he must of loved you very much and is that a picture of polly above? if so he is beautiful!! Alpaca Boy.
  15. hmm so thats 2 pinkies, 3 fertile eggs, and 2 duds ?? not bad, let us know what happens next!

    1. Maddy


      will do. Candled them today in fact and I removed the 1 dud egg. So there is 4 fertile :)

    2. alpaca-boy


      hahah i didnt even realise but i wrote that as my status, i was suppose to comment on yours, oh well. oh so 4 fertile! looking good!

  16. Hey Sunshinee!! Your chicks are adorable!! I especially like chick 2 !! I think you should call him or her gelato, as for some reason when I look at him/her thats what I think of ?? I think its the light lime colour, just like lemon/lime gelato Anyway I think texas clearbody is the answer for your chicks, but im not pro, so dont take my answer for any sort of assurance Alpaca-Boy
  17. Oh noooo!! thats so sad houman =[ =[ =[ im really sorry you lost her! she was a gem are your parents not allowing you to get another?? glad to hear from you though i was wondering where you had got to as i did notice the extended period of inactivity =] good luck for your future with budgies houman you deserve it Grant.
  18. hey rachelm just curious to see how your breeding is going, havent talked to you in ages! im going to see if you have posted any breeding journals now =] hope to hear from you! you can pm me if you like or just right back in this column thingy =]

  19. hey robyn ! lovely chicks once again what an amazing array of colours in just 1 clutch for the second pair!!! very nice shades and very vibrant congratulations! A-B.
  20. cant wait to see more pictures!!! i just love your creamino, hopefully there is more! goodluck coco and charlie! oh and kiwiigirl of course
  21. got my HSC results back today, and i am pretty happy ! i got an ATAR of 89.70 =]

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    2. alpaca-boy


      thanks everyone for the nice comments!! =]well i am hoping to do a "Bachelor of Natural Science in Nature Conservation" next year at uni, and i think i will get in the course as i only needed 68.50 to get in =]

    3. Maddy


      Awesome!! Thats about 57 more points than me XD

    4. Houman


      nice dude, what subjects did u do in 11&12

  22. very cute robyn haha, im surprised the little fellow didnt fall off! when he wakes up he will get a shock
  23. very beautiful budgies perequito! i love the diversity of colour you have in your aviary!! lovely vibrant colours and shades! and the babies are adorable =] i really like the things you have on your aviary wall!!! are these the budgies little homes they go to after a hard day out in the aviary??? they have neighbours =] haha very cute did you make them??
  24. Thanks for the nice comments everyone !!! they are doing really well, they like their coop especially the run and they love to eat!! Hi Dellouisa thanks for the nice words! well i found this site which gives details of silkie chicken breeders, ill grab the link for you... http://silkiebreeders.webs.com/breedersdirectory.htm its a breeders directory, so hopefully there is a breeder close to you, they are a fantastic breed, gentle, clean and easy to handle and pat =] Thanks Kaz i thought their names were fitting whenever i get a pet i wait until i get them and look at them to see what they look like =] so there name suits their character They are rachelm!! i just want to hug them, so soft
  25. Well I have finally managed to convince my mum that chickens are a good pet to have! And after much deliberation she allowed me to get two chickens! I had my heart set on a silkie as they just look so peculiar and hilarious, yet adorable So I found a good breeder, and on the weekend I bought my first pair of chickens! They are two lovely pullets, named maggie and myrtle, and they are only 12 weeks old Maggie is the darker looking one, and myrtle is the lighter one! Myrtle is a partridge, and Maggie is what the breeder said "call it what you like". He told me its a new colour he is working on, but he has managed to acheive it by pure breeding silkies! so that is all i have on my spectacularly bizarre birds! and i cant wait until they start laying eggs!
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