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    I love animals! I also love to garden and cook, along with art and photography, these are just some of my hobbeys, I also enjoy playing hockey and tennis. my favourite colour is green, and I love alpacas and platypus =] Read my 'about me' page if you want to know more!
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    Grants the Best Club =)
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About Me

Hello bbc member! :lol: im pretty sure if your looking at this than your the first person to do so! :P lol

And if you are than let me know you looked at it so i know i didnt waste my time writing it =] , thanks!


My user name is alpaca-boy simply because I love alpacas, which is sort of an odd obsession, but they are very inquisitive and interesting creatures.

My hobbeys include gardening, I have my own vege patch and love to grow fresh veg and fruit, its very satisfying to watch your plants grow then eat the rewards.

Cooking is also another hobbey I enjoy and do it whenever I can, I also love art and photography.

I am nature inclined, loving both plants and animals, and hope to pursue a career one day which combines both these loves.

My other favourite animal is the platypus, as it combines features of a bird, mammal and lays eggs, how cool is that!

I love australia, and not in that 'aussie pride' racists manner, but an appreciation for the diversity of our landscapes, plants and animals.

Infact when I get older I want to buy a caravan and travel around australia.

My long term goal is to become an alpaca farmer (for their fleece), and to own my own garden nursery!

This year I'm going to university to study a "Bachelor of natural science- Nature conservation".

Some of my favourite shows include Offspring, The Alice, Always Greener, Better Homes and Gardens (For the cooking, gardening and animals) and Back to river Cottage. And I am a fan of McLeods Daughters, which I beleive is on of the best australian dramas created.

I have one brother who is older, a pet Turtle (Kingston), two Budgerigars (Mortimer and Banjo), two Dachshunds (Oscar and Elsa), a pet siamese fighting fish (Colin) and two Chiniese Silkie Chickens (Maggie and Myrtle)!

I beleive that pets bring happiness to your life and any home without one isn't much of a home at all, as they bring life to it!

But what I have learnt is the more pets the more care and responsibility =] so I have promised myself no more pets! and thats okay with me as I am content with what I have =]

My favourite part of history is the Australian colonisation period with convicts and the like, and the Australian Goldrush period, I would have loved to have been born then, or just step back in time for a day or two so I can experience the lifestyle.


Well thats all I can think of to write! Please, please feel free to leave me a message on my page!! as they are always welcome! :lol:

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