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  1. aw beauty, wish I can find one like this as well, absolutely love the look of big head show types.
  2. I was toying with the idea last week and wondered if they'd do it, it's great to hear, I'll write them too. They have two products, one Raspberry cordial with no preservatives as well and the other extract like what you listed. I'll probably get some of the cordial so I can have some too. They look tasty
  3. Just an update on this, not sure when it happened but SUNRAYSIA 80% raspberry juice is no longer available from Coles or other retailers. I rang them this afternoon and they said due to low sales, it is no longer in production. Pity I love their other products.
  4. Yeah, GB's budgies are really tame, she did a great job with Giorgio. He is such a bold and confident bird. He knows shoulders are safer than fingers and fingers are safer than palms. He doesn't like to be catched when it is not for a head scratch (when he feels like one). He still comes to me half the time. I've done the punishment of putting back to cage for biting but and it has helped. There's been a bit of a routine change, mostly to suit him as he develops. The bathroom is now his new playroom and I can never get him to leave once he's inside. In other rooms he'll want to go where I go, except the bathroom, well with mirrors and chromed showerheads, I'm not that surprise but I really have to stop that as he's getting away with it nine out of ten times. I think maybe it's really due to moulting that he's cranky at times. I will observe him until the full feather change, hopefully he will be gentler with me then. Now he only have two head feathers changed and no other pins at all on his body and being winter it may be a long wait.
  5. sorry to hear that Glenn. RIP Freddie. When I lost my budgie last time, I just wish they could live as long a life as cockatoos. Such beautiful yet fragile things they are.
  6. can little budgie beaks bite through whole carrots?
  7. I've read that thread and tried several methods, thing is he WANTS to be handled/cuddled/kissed most of the time (or when he feels like it) then turned into mr hyde that quickly. But you could be right, he's close to four months and bits of down feathers here and there, could be moulting although no spikes visible yet. He's still bossy though, body language says it. I must have been giving in too much somewhere although I don't know what. Can I ask when Merlin is not moulting, is he an angel, like never bites?
  8. Hello all, sorry about repeating this subject. I've done lots of search and read up but still don't quite get it. My budgie is very tamed but he has attitude or mood. He bites when he don't like something like certain times when I am near his cage. Sometimes he can play very well and all of a sudden he turns around and give a big bite. He is getting more and more bossy, it seems like everything must be done his way. What can I do? help.
  9. may I know what is a true fruit cordial? most I saw at supermarkets are plain sugar and colours. Where can I get good ones? Can't I crush some fresh raspberries myself?
  10. I just saw this, Hannah, I'm really sorry for your lost, Nibbles was a really special boy. I'll remember him always. RIP little one.
  11. It's quite difficult to take photos of him as he'll jump onto the camera. He love shiny gadgets and cordless phones. He was under the weather on Saturday, sneezes and lost some weight but seems fine yesterday after a good feed and sleep, I try to make sure he eats as often as possible because he is so energetic. He is also learning to headbob and regurgitate seeds since two weeks ago, a little clumsy still. He also uses his feet more to hang on to his things (like me for eg.) I call him monkey these days (behind his back). His favourite place is the dinning table and my keyboard. Still with his baby feathers. These are taken yesterday noon. Video of him using his feet to grab hold of things. Video of headscratch two weeks ago.
  12. oh wow Tammy has her own table, how exciting! Princess indeed! Houman I'm the same as you, I'm so thankful for GB's chicks and her effort into it. Tammy will be your best friend, I'm sure of it. She's so very adorable It's your turn to lose some sleep for while, like I did to check on the little one.
  13. lol homeing budgie you recon kaz i spoil all the babys i tame its what makes them so spesh i treat like a dog rather than a bird sit stay come works and they lounge rather than pertch he may need a hamic and a valua rug lol love this thread GB, treating baby budgies like a dog works for me, I do that to my little one too. "George come here, here here here here" "Go fly, go go go go" and he'll fly a few rounds then come back to me. It's fun! Thanks for sharing, Houman your baby is sooo adorable! Please take more pics, especially on your bed
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