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  1. They got better and now they are in breeding condition but they won't breed :nest: thanks :budgiedance:
  2. Hi I don't know why my breeding pair of show budgies won't breed I have put in a nesting box thrie breeding cabenits. but I think that they need some more space and thats why I have set up an aviary for them to have exerxies and I think that they might breed then. :yellowhead: ezy :thankyou:
  3. Yes they are bobbing their tails too.
  4. Hi I don't know why my two fmale budgies are breathing heavy or panting they have plenty of fresh food and warter and nothing to do with breeding because they have not been laying or breeding. Or is it just natural for them??????? Ezy
  5. Hi I am wondering how to build a show cage for birds as i am eger to show my birds :redalbino: :fear Ezy
  6. Hi I am wondering if you could help me. I don't know if one of my breeding budgies are sick or not? Because he keeps on panting all the time. so if you know anything about this Please reply. THANKS HEAPS EZY
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