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  1. Do you live in an area with abundant spiders/snakes? I had a friend when we lived in QLD who had budgies and he kept finding one more dead every morning for about a week. He was at a total loss as to what it was until he noticed the baby brown snake curled up in the corner. It had obviously been biting them but not eating them because it was too small. It was a bit of a shock to him! The cover is a good idea as well because sometime stray/feral cats/dogs/foxes will jump at the aviary to try to eat the birds who sleep on or near the front of the wire. We have lost one to shock like that before from the neighbourhood cat before I hope all the others are okay, such a sad thing when you loose one!
  2. How old is she? Our babies do the same thing. She could just be a destructive bird! I generally leave the stuff they throw out on the floor of the cage as long as it doesn't get to mucky so that they know that if they want food they have to eat the stuff they have thrown out. They often like foraging around on the ground as well, it's what they do in the wild. If you are going to leave the stuff on the floor, don't refill the container because they will just keep doing it and not learn. You also need to keep a close eye on the floor to make sure it isn't getting mucky.
  3. Is she throwing her head back and sort of arching her back when she does it? That is what they tend to do when they are looking to attract a partner. It's part of the mating ritual/dance. Looks a bit weird when they do it! I hope she is fine!
  4. does he have a runny bum? and when you pick him up does he feel thin? As paulie says it could be canker I had my original boy who was my best buddy die last year from canker. He got very thin very fast, was very fluffed up constantly, had a runny nose and mouth and got a runny bum towards the end. Sadly he didn't make it through the night at the vets'. I agree totally with paulie, that you should take him to an avain vet asap and they should be able to tell you what is going on and hopefully make him feel much better! Make sure they are an avian vet though because sadly many 'normal' vets don't have the knowledge for birds. also, for budgies, you can't see the lesions from canker because it affects them in their throat/oesophagus and they get lesions there which means they can't swallow food because it is too painful and blocked up and they starve very fast because they have very fast metabolisms.
  5. Are you sure its eyes are black? I may be imagining things but i might see the tiniest red tinge in the photo. It isn't very good for the eyes though so I may be wrong. Can you pick it up and see? If it does have red eyes it will be a girl but if not it would be interesting to think what it means about the parents' genetics!
  6. I think that is correct Paulie If the male is a visual cinnamon (not just split to cinnamon), all the female chicks will be cinnamon and all the male chicks will be split to cinnamon. This means that any visual cinnamons from a cinnamon male and non-cinnamon female will be female chicks.
  7. I'd say male too. mutation: dark green pied (does he have a yellow spot on the back of his head?) Probably a clearflight pied because he doesn't have any pied chest/body markings. It looks to only be his wings which are affected indicating clearflight pied. I could be wrong though!
  8. So I have some more exciting news! We have a new chick! I was walking past the aviary just then and heard a tell-tale cheeping sound and upon checking the nesting boxes, discovered this little one I don't know who its parents are, one of the results of colony breeding: there are two hens in one nesting box and no obvious significant male so I am neither sure who the mother or the father is! I took two of the eggs from that nest and put them with another hen who has had no luck with her own eggs, so hopefully there will be two boxes with chickies in them soon! Nutty and Banana are the two hens together in the nesting box (they are sisters) and Speedo is the hen in the other nesting box. Since putting two of Nutty and Banana's eggs with Speedo, she has laid a fertile egg of her own, so she may be looking after three chicks soon! I will be interested to see what this chicky and it's coming siblings turn out to be! In other news, all of Bubble and Barty's chicks have been in and out of the nesting box regularly for the last few days with Silas, Lucky and Stumpy spending most of their time out of the box now. Stumpy has been managing VERY well on his little splinted leg and can get around on it perfectly well now and is even able to perch (albeit a bit unsteadily) and climb the wire.
  9. How exciting, it will be great to see them as they grow up! Do any of the chicks have red eyes? Is this the nest where the dad is a lutino? If it is, all your girl babies will be inos and have red eyes. Looks like chick 1 is a boy from his lack of red-eyes!
  10. If the mother is the only ino gene of the parents (so normal cock cross lutino hen) there wl only be split ino cocks, this is because the hen can only pass the gene to her sons and and female chicks could only get the I I gene from th cock. This is due to the X/Y chromosome contribution of each
  11. Yeah it is really only the boys who are affected by mutation when it comes to ceres. Thos mutations are definitely recessive pied and inos and there might be a few more but i can't remember them off the top of my head! Girls really only switch between light brown/blue to dark brown. It's harder when they are young as well and also recessive like the one in the last picture and then it really comes down to the white rings around the nostrils. I have only had one before who I haven't been eventually able to pick. Originally thought she was a girl, then never went brown or showed interest in nesting boxes in three years so thought he was a boy then cere went brown and started nesting so she was a girl! SOOOOO confusing
  12. What bad luck I was very excited when you said it was hatching! It does happen sometimes unfortunately Its stomach does look unusual so I suspect it may just have been born weaker or maybe it wasn't quite developed correctly inside. I have had a few look exactly like this in the past and I suspect it is just that they haven't develpoed properly, especially when the rest of their siblings are healthy I hope the next one is okay! Glad to hear the older one is doing well still.
  13. KiwiBudgie which chicks are you talking about? Rihannan, yes it will get crusty and brown like this: Also male ceres, as follows: A 'normal' male cere: A recessive male cere (left) and a normal male cere (right). Notice how the recessive male cere is pink all over: A recessive male cere (left) and a female just out of breeding condition cere (right). Notice the male cere is distinctly pink all over while the female cere is light brown/tan: A female out of breeding season cere. Notice the white around her nostril in particular and the overall lighter white/blue appearance of the rest of her cere as a whole: A young female cere (left) and a young male cere (right). Notice the white rings around the female cere, even though it looks slightly bluish and how the male cere is completely pink and has no white on it at all.: I hope this helps!!
  14. The first one is a male because he is a recessive pied type. Boys who are recessive pied (and some other mutations) don't show the usual blue male cere. This is most likely a male because, as Phoebes says, there is no white around his nostrils. His cere will stay pinky/purple his whole life and never be blue. If you have one like this you really have to look hard for any white around the nostrils which indicates a female, I will try to find some of my old pictures to demonstrate the difference
  15. We try and wait to name them until they show a personality trait that prompts an idea. It can give some fun ones! For instance: Barty is short for Bartlett which was the name of the lead escape planner in The Great Escape because he was so small as a baby he kept escaping by slipping through the bars of the cage we were using! Pippin was named after a character in The Lord of the Rings because he never stopped eating like that character Wonka was a twin who was deformed in the egg from lack of space and his hips and tail literally faced 90 degrees to the rest of his body Sharpie was scalped as a baby and rejected by her mum so she is named after the bald rugby player Nathan Sharpe Have some fun with them, it is the best part bout getting a new bird, getting to know them and choosing a name that reflects them
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