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  1. A man is driving home, when is pulled over by a patrolman for a broken blinker. The cop looks into the guys' car and sees a collection of knives in the backseat. "Sir," the cop says. "Why do you have all those knives?" "They're for my juggling act," the man says. "I don't believe you," says the cop. "Prove it." So the man gets out of his car and begins juggling the knives. At the same time, a car with two guys in it drives by. "Man," says the first guy. "I'm glad I quit drinking. These new sobriety tests are hard."
  2. Don't I have a child parental Tab account still running, you know the endless one :thumbs_up: haha , of course i'll find something for you, i'm going to try to do my extra room roof as well for this summer, ooo and maybe my workshop. Cheers for the welcome Finnie.
  3. Hello all, just some extra food for thought if you think it is achievable and helpful to your situation for our hot climate. TSR ( Total Solar Reflectivity)google for more info), what color are the top's of your aviarys and bird rooms, a good quality white paint can reflect up to as much as 65% of the suns radiation, in comparison, black can make it up to 100 deg c hotter . There are also now a wide variety of Paint colors and products on the market for these types of situations. Depending on your local council you might have to check against what colors can and can't be used though. I'll try and give this a go on RIP's setup when she gets her heap in a pile(I'm her son by the way, been about 10 years out of the fancy, might be returning to a station near you), if it's achievable or if she lets me . My hands on experince so far with this came from my lawnmowing trailer, my roof was mostly rusty and bare, 36+ deg days were unbearable, and having my whipper snippers located near the roof, after a few jobs they couldn't cool down enough and it was a real headache to start them there after for the rest of the day, trying to touch the roof was like cooking a good rare steak, I've since painted the area's above the motors, not only do they run more effective, but I can actaully rest a hand on these spots on very hot days. And if you want to get really green about it, you can attend local workshops like the ones great gardens(plus other groups) do for local communitys and learn about energy effiency for not just your birds but also your home. Big messy decidous trees are awesome for this, provide plenty of shade in summer, prune them well enough to keep your air flow, leaves are gone for winter to provide the warmth that's wanted then. Don't stress about the leaves, your compost heap will love it for those home grown greens for your birds. Almost a 2c rant in the end, guess it's in the genes.
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