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  1. Hi, my budgie was 70grams the last time my vet weighed him. He said that he's overweight, how much should a budgie weigh ideally? Mine is not an English variety. I've been trying to get him to do more exercise but he actually doesn't fly anymore for some reason and gets nervous in any situation where he has to fly, I would say he does not like exercise and his weight is noticeable. He loves to eat and I've tried to give him less but he always finishes it and I don't want him to go hungry for the rest of the day. I don't think he's lost any weight since he was last weighed. Any suggestions?
  2. I wanted to give my budgies some pine cones I gathered near a park. I was told that budgies love to chew them. Are all pine cones safe for budgies? and how should I prepare the pine cones? Do they need baking in the oven? I want to make sure I get them as clean as possible. There was one time when I gave my budgies some peppermint tree leaves and branches and Henry came down with a respiratory problem soon after that so I'm a bit scared of giving them things from the wild now.
  3. I took him to the avian vet today and he was able to take quite a bit off the beak without any bleeding, it looks much better now When I took him to the vet though I noticed there was some blood in Kankan's droppings which is really unusual because it's never happened before! His droppings are usually completely normal. There was one time when there was blood on the cage floor but I thought that might have been because the oyster shell we were giving him could have not been digested properly and cut him when he was trying to pass his droppings, I haven't given them oyster shell or grit
  4. I'm taking my budgie to the vet tomorrow so hopefully he'll sort its beak out. I've had my budgie for 2 and a half years and he never chews anything so I'm not surprised his beak has gotten long. My other budgie who loves chewing on everything has a perfect beak. I'm not sure how I could get this one to chew things. I've got so many nice eucalyptus branches and chew perches for them but he is never interested. He doesn't act like a parrot at all
  5. Hi I recently noticed that my budgie's upper mandible is overgrown. Has anyone had any experience with this problem? I've read some terrible things online about trimming beaks such as bleeding, beaks cracking, clipping tongues and birds dying of a heart attack during the process. I'm afraid that if I don't clip it he won't be able to eat properly. It's quite frustrating because I have lots of chew toys for him but he just doesn't like chewing things like parrots normally enjoy doing. And because his beak is not only a little overgrown I'd need to take a few mm off and I read that th
  6. Thanks Hezz, I'll keep that in mind. My budgie seems to have perked up a bit today so it looks like the doxy is working, he's still sneezing but there is a big improvement from yesterday. The vet said it would take 5-7 days to see him get better so fingers crossed.
  7. Yup, I agree. I know he's got some doxy into him today so I hope he'll be a bit better tomorrow. The vet didn't mention that but luckily I did some research on the web and I've removed his cuttlebone/won't be giving him veges or fruit. Thanks kaz
  8. So far I have given him some of the doxy solution via a syringe and sprinkled some into the seed. He seems to be eating a little more now (he especially prefers the doxy laced seeds to the iodide ones) so next time I will put the iodide in the water and keep the doxy in the seed for 2 months, I read this was more effective too. I just hope doxy will treat his respiratory problem.
  9. Maybe I've been unclear, what he prescribed was sodium iodide. My budgie is more sick today, he isn't moving much and he's not eating or drinking much if anything at all, I feel like I can't wait for him to drink the doxy in water. Is it possible for me to safely give him the doxy directly? The vet told me to put 1/4tsp of the doxy powder 5% into 100ml water, if I feed it to him directly, how much/what concentration should I give him?
  10. He said it was likely my budgie had a bacterial respiratory infection and the salt is for his thyroid, I think he said respiratory problems could be caused by a lack of iodine.
  11. The salt had to go into the seed because there's doxy in the water
  12. I took my budgie to see the vet today and the antibiotic he prescribed is mixed into the water. I also got some iodised salt solution to mix with the seed. I noticed my budgie spat the seeds out a few times... I was wondering if most of the time the bird will give in and eat the medicated food? He wouldn't starve himself would he? If anyone has been in a similar situation i'd like to know how you got on. Thanks
  13. I think respiratory problems are the most annoying disease a bird can get in my opinion, it's the only disease that's caused problems for me and my birds. The budgie I had was given baytril injections, ivermectin and clavicole or something like that and nothing kept the problems away. Baytril gave him a speedy recovery but three weeks later he was as sick as could be again, he died eventually, it was a really vicious respiratory problem that would not go away so I think there is a good chance it would have been aspergillosis I think the place where I got him from did not have very clean water
  14. ah i see, thanks kaz and no unfortunately; It just has 55 on it.
  15. also, if the beak is really crusty on the sides and delaminating it could be a vitamin A deficiency. The legs and cere would be a little scaley aswell. Vitamin A is a common problem if birds are mostly fed an all seed diet.. you could try giving your bird more carrots, spinach and brocolli leaves. cuttlefish bone is good for strengthening beaks.
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