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  1. Due to the death of the female I had too hand raise the baby budgies. (first time I have done it) One was dead in the nest and unfortunately one died at the first feed. I have 1 remaining and t seems to be coming long well after about 10 days. (about 3 weeks old now) All seems okay but my biggest problem is the hand rearing formula (avione) that has dried on the budgie. It is rock hard. Any advice on how to get it off and in future when you feed should you give them a wash. Thanks
  2. Hi Neville and Kaz It seems you were exactly right as its slowly getting its feathers back (lost one unfortunately). I was wondering how long would it take? still has a fair way to go. Steve
  3. Thanks for that, I might look at taking the chicks out and wean them. Steve
  4. Can someone please advice or point me in the right direction as I cannot find an answer. I have 2 babies who should be out of the nest by now (actually one keeps jumping out) but they are not fully feathered. They have feathers on the wings and tail but body has none. First time for the parents to breed in the last 12 months. The mother is a lutino with the pink eyes and she is missing a few feathers underneath. Is it a generic thing? Thanks Steve
  5. How wet did it get and how long was it wet, like is it mouldy or smelly. It only was wet last night from some splashing, all looks good. Thanks KAz
  6. Hi When I was young (30 years ago)I was told that budgies should not eat wet seed. After all the rain we have had some of my seed got wet. IS it still the case that wet seed is not good for the budgies? Thanks Steve
  7. Hi Joey

    I have one cabinet at the moment new and have some spare cocks. I live in sydney but will be at Lake Munmorah this week from wed to sun. Send me an email at bedo@tpg.com.au if interested. Steve

  8. Hi Kaz Whats the trick to these traps, I brought one a month ago and had no luck. Thanks Steve
  9. Hi Steve, you need to look in the FAQ section and read an article called CARE OF BABY BUDGIES IN THE NEST. Thanks heaps, I will start today
  10. Hi Kaz, I have some neighbours who want some budgies for pets and I was thinking of handraising. But you say daily handling is good. Does that mean going to the breeding box and handle the chicks. Will the parents worry about it? How long do you have them away from the box? I have them in breeding cabinets, would you take the whole box away and handle the chicks? I understand that this would not be done until they are a few weeks old. Thanks Steve
  11. My best breeding pair has given me another colour. Can you please advise. ALso am I right in saying it is a male. Thanks Mother Father 3 pics of the baby
  12. Bedo

    Toxic Plant.

    Hi I have had a look at a few lists and cannot find greviella, bottlebrush and crepe myrte on the lists. I assume these are safe because of the wild birds. Am I right with this???
  13. Thanks nubbly5, that is how the daughter described him + she wants to keep him. Also thanks to all for your help. Steve
  14. This is my latest baby. its white all over with a touch of blue on the front. How would this one be named/described. The parents are below Hen Cock No other budgies involved (learnt last time) Thanks Steve
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