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  1. My babies do that. They're about 8 weeks. They cuddle up in a pack at the bottom of the cage. okay, now there's only 2 left it's not really a pack...
  2. Just a quick chick update. She is a he, Hurcules. He got given some vitamins and virtually overnight went from dozy to chirpy. He had his first flight on Friday, from my shoulder and across the room, much to my amazment. He is now living with his 2 younger brothers who are being kept for breeding. Once the youngest is old enough, they'll move into the big juveniles cage together. He is moving around a lot better, although more climbing than flapping. he may need a lot of ladders and perches to get around a breeding cabinet, but he's loving having company and in just a couple of days with the boys, he's even more perky and happy. He will need to go the vet for a beak trim shortly, but otherwise is coming along nicely.
  3. In person, they all look the same to me- pinky purple. So eother all males or I really stink at this!
  4. She is very nice looking.
  5. No flash, natural light. It was overcast though.
  6. Please excuse the blurry photgraphy. Chick 1 Chick 2 Chick 3 Chick 4 Chick 5
  7. Yeah, because the male was seen being 'loving' to the perch the other day. Poor hen, he's cheating on her with a perch!
  8. LOL, yes. Although maybe the hen was using the male to get over her lost mate.
  9. The mate of one of my breeding hens died a few weeks ago, along with their only chick. I paired the hen up with a new male 2 weeks and 1 day ago and she's laid an egg today. I thought he was a lusty little fellow!
  10. I agree with you completly, but I think it's funny how we think that, but still judge birds by their looks, lol. Having said that, I have 2 pet birds. One was chosen for his personality and affectionate nature, but also happens to be a Sun Conure and so, very pretty. The other is a Budgie who can't fly, who is thriving in spite of himself (I though he was a she, but he isn't) and who is yellow (not my fave colour, I was going to keep a blue one!). And yet, here he is, alive, well and loved. And named Hercules because he's the only chick of our 1st ever clutch who survived after a nasty cold snap. Tough little guy!
  11. Fur seal? I have one of these in the nestbox (ice cream container on the bottom of the breeding cabinet). It's my youngest daughtér's favourite. I love your pics. This one and the grey spangle that you might cull are my faves. I'm a sucker for the spangled look!
  12. I will, but I might wait a week or so. It's one of the younger chicks (I think the youngest), so usually squashed in under the rest of the clutch!
  13. I won't win any awards for my photography, but you should get the idea of what s/he looks like. His/her belly is solid grey.">By the way, I suppose if the stripes on head and tail fade, it'll just be a grey Budgie. This is the youngest Budgie with stripes I've seen. The others have been solid yellow. So no doubt this only a novelty to me! I think s/he is very sweet though!
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