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  1. Hi All, This isn't regarding budgies but I was wondering what you can do when you have a found bird. You see I currently have a semi-tame rainbow lorikeet that I found on our back verandah 3 days ago. I've contacted the local pet store and 3 local vets and posted a found ad online, but is there anything else I can do to try and find the owner? Anyone know of any missing lorikeets near Revesby, Sydney? He was found on the 30th Dec but judging by how hungry he was he might have been out for a while.
  2. okay, Here are two pics, I can upload more if need be.Sorry I forgot to add, you can see in the first photo a bit of skin near his cheek, another possible bald patch? Also I did worm them 3 days ago, if that can have any effect?
  3. Hi Kaz, I've just checked and they both seem to be normal.
  4. Hi Everyone, I have an albino cock who has lost his feathers around one of his eyes. He isn't molting at the moment if that makes any difference ... Other than that I haven't noticed anything else wrong with him except perhaps preening a bit more than usual. Does anyone have any idea what's wrong with him or what I could give him that might help? Thanks! Kathleen.
  5. Hi All, Does anyone know of any budgie clubs in Sydney, preferably south west? I think the nearest one to me is the The Pied Budgerigar Society Of Australasia in panania but from what I can tell it's rather small. Also I'd just like to know ... if I don't plan on showing birds or breeding show birds can I still join a club? And what would that entail? As I just want to stick to my pet types for now Thanks.
  6. That's just what I was thinking Kaz. It did sound sort of silly to hand raise them then put them in an aviary, I suppose I just don't want to part with them. The only reason I ended up hand raising them was because no one else wanted them And I really can't keep them as pets as we already have 7 cages inside with a total of 10 birds, so no time or space (and enough noise lol). So ... anyone looking for pet budgies?
  7. Hi everyone, I have two hand raised baby budgies who are now just past 5 weeks old. What I want to know is if budgies have been hand raised is it okay to put them in an aviary and breed them when they're grown? As I have read somewhere that hand raised birds don't make particularly good parents ... Thanks :emoticon112:
  8. skysong

    Aviary Ideas?

    Hi Renee, Thanks for that, I will definitely look into joining a club to see how it's done Regards, Kathleen.
  9. Hi Kirsty, As to how often you need to heat their wheat bag ... I can't really say Sorry. I don't use wheat bags. At 2 weeks of age by babies were in a 2 litre ice cream container (they've now been upgraded to a 4L) with pine shavings inside. They're then rapped in a tea towel which covers the top and 3 sides leaving a small gap on the last side for air, I then place this in one of those small plastic storage containers (not sure what they're called?) with the lid placed on an angle and the whole thing on a coffee table. I find this stops cold drafts while still allowing air in and keeps them really warm! When I get them out they're warm to the touch and they're healthy so that's all that matters. If you plan on hand feeding more chicks in the future or if you think you might use it again you could always buy/use a thermometer and moniter their boxes temperature, I think ideally it should be between 25-30 degrees. I suppose it depends on what type of setup you have your babies in and how warm they are without the wheat bag. I've read that if in the nestbox their mum stops sitting on them by the time they are 16 days old, so the only heat they get is by their mum and siblings sitting next to them to share warmth. Regards, Kathleen.
  10. skysong

    Aviary Ideas?

    Hi Everyone, I'm planning on getting an aviary, hopefully somewhere between January and July next year and would just like some input as to how it should be done. 1. Can anyone give me the advantages and disadvantages of housing cocks and hens separately or together. Would it be best to have two flights/runs one for each sex or just put them in the one space? 2. For a breeding room / bird room would an extra flight/run on the aviary do or would one of those metal sheds with a window or two be best? 3. If yes for the shed would I need to add/adjust the shed in anyway besides adding windows? All I would want in the bird room is a shelf/table for storage and of course the breeding cages. I only plan on breeding a maximum of six pairs at any one time but would more likely have two or three pairs in the beginning. I'm also on a budget so don't want too much but having said that I don't want to go skimpy on the birds either! If they need it I'll get it. So if anyone has any suggestions or would like to point out something I might have missed it would be much appreciated Also would anyone know of any good aviary builders in Sydney?
  11. Hi Everyone, Yesterday I bought 2 new additions to the family! What can I say, I'm addicted :hug: Can anyone please tell me what sort they are? (And also what sex they are? I was told 1 male, 1 female?) Thanks, Kathleen.
  12. Hi Budgieloverkirsty, I'm also hand feeding two young ones practically the same age as yours! I'm now feeding them 3 times a day but you could do 4 if you wanted, I don't think you really need to do more than that though unless you feel they're not eating enough. I try to even it out as much as possible so they get feed about 8am, 1pm and 6pm. I use the instructions for the formula as a guide only. I heat up the water then add small amounts to the food stirring it in until I get the thickness that I like. I used to do it really runny but now they get a slightly thicker mix. I have read that it is good for their crops to completely empty once a day ... I forget why though (As long as you're not starving them!) By the way my babies are always hungry too. I don't disturb them once they've eaten because if I do they just want to be feed again and then a fight erupts over who gets first dibs! Hope this helps, Kathleen.
  13. skysong

    Hello All ...

    Thank you everyone for all the welcomes! I'm not sure how I ended up with my little babies. Right time right place I guess, aren't I lucky! I was actually given them for free by the guy who runs the bird shop we visit (frequently I might add LOL). He said a guy just came in and gave them to him because he didn't want them anymore. So he hand feed them for a few days along with the other babies he's raising but he didn't really have the time for them along with everything else. So I come along and he knows I love budgies and have hand feed other birds before so he just asks if I want them. So far they have yellow faces and the tiniest bit of yellow on their tails with a bluish grey stomach and back. They are so cute ... so here are some more pictures. Sorry for the bad quality but they wouldn't keep still! (also would anyone be able to tell the sex of the smaller one? I know the pics don't make it easy.) I'm guessing they're around 22 days old now?
  14. From what I can remember the cere is an even pink throughout ... but I'm still new at sexing budgies, I can only tell the difference some of the time. I was told it was a male when I bought him at the bird shop and so far they've been correct with the other budgies who's ceres have matured. But I suppose it doesn't really matter one way or the other, he's still so cute and he has a lovely personality! Thankyou both for your answers
  15. Hi, I have a budgie who is about 4-5 months old and can't fly. Is there anything else it could be besides french molt? He does have poor wing and tail feathers. Also if it is french molt is it a genetic disease or can it be caught by birds in the same cage? He's currently in a cage with a young female who I planned on breeding him with in the future but if it is french molt this would be inherited by any offspring would it not? If so I won't breed from him and instead get him a male companion to keep him company.
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