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  1. Hi everyone! Haven't been on here in awhile but thought I'd pop in and say I've missed you all and hope everyone's fabulous birds are doing well xoxo

  2. They most certainly do exist in Australia I have two sky blue spangle hens that are the show-type budgies KAZ I believe would have some in Greywing, and Nubbly would have clearwings I think. They are around most definitely - you're in Melbourne - GB would have some too I would think She is in Vic too
  3. Ohhhhh he's fantastic! Was he one of JM's birds? What a lovely bird!
  4. Were they colony bred or cabinet bred? If they were colony bred, then any cock you have in the flock could be the father of the chicks. I don't know anything about clearbody genetics so wont even bother trying to figure that out, sorry
  5. Amy S


    And two very good looking boys at that!
  6. French moult does sound right, but I think he is older than 8/9 weeks as he has iris rings and no barring like babies do.
  7. Amy S

    My Fun Aviary

    I think it's an ingeniously well done aviary! Congratulations on adapting an aviary to suit the space you have! Which part are you talking about? I've been trying to find the issue you're talking about but I just can't see it...though maybe I'm looking too hard hahaha The open bricks? They are on the outside of the aviary.
  8. Hi all, I was just wondering what price everyone pays for their Ivermectin and what sized bottles?
  9. I...... ahhhh...... think I may have an aviary obsession,,,,I just purchased another aviary Welcome to aviary number 6 - hope the link works - photobucket has changed since I last used it. I have plans, and am hoping I can use all of the aviaries in the plans http://s521.photobucket.com/albums/w333/manualsangel/?action=view¤t=aviary.jpg
  10. Ah well least you're safe with some lovely new branches now Bet the leaves are almost non existent now too haha our lovely feathered friends absolutely devour branches and leaves so so quickly!
  11. Did the leaves smell really strongly? I have a gum tree that doesn't smell like an eucalypt at all - it has a super strong smell to it, and it looks exactly like those leaves and branches you've posted.
  12. He looks like a Yellow Face Sky Violet - not Cobalt, but I could be wrong
  13. Amy S


    Robyn, I have a Melaleuca tree that I regularly take branches from for my birds - have done so for the last three years and they're all still fine. They go absolutely nuts over the leaves and flowers. If the branches have some water on them, then my seem to "bathe" in the essence from the leaves and flowers when they brush up against them - they're so funny!
  14. White down, not grey down, means opaline If your cock is split and your hen is normal you will get: Normal/opaline cocks Normal cocks Opaline hens Normal hens Does that help at all?
  15. http://users.tpg.com.au/users/kyorke/violets.htm That has a huuuuuge amount of info on Violets That may help you a bit. I found it quite interesting
  16. Yes........also a df spangle will have a blue cere. Good Point!
  17. Yes, you're right The 14 is the bigger of the two
  18. I've been making my own seed mixes as I found my budgies were eating some of the seeds, and leaving the rest - seemed like such a waste so I kept my eyes on what seeds they like and have been buying those in bulk and making 60kg mixes
  19. But he can't be a DF Spangle if he has produced normal babies. From my understanding, a DF Spangle to Normal pairing produces 100% Spangles......doesn't it?
  20. I use a 16 - mainly because I've been using them for tiny pinkies. But I also have a 14 on hand too
  21. Thanks Kaz I have been rather quiet on the forums and at the budgie meetings but I'm constantly on the look out for ways to improve my setup Cost me $350 for both of the aviaries, which I am happy about because sometimes it's so expensive just for one! Can't wait to use them! I need to get a picture of my other small aviary I have too haha
  22. I now have another two aviaries haha I sold one of mine as it ended up not being the right size for the area I have. I will most likely only use one of these two, and sell the other, but unsure until I draw up a better plan for my setup
  23. Gosh Kaz, those are whoppers aren't they?! I'm surprised she managed to have them inside without causing issues! Good luck with them! xoxox
  24. Picking up two aviaries tomorrow! So excited - means I should be able to sort my birds out properly! :)

  25. Why not take it to the Avian Vet and get them to show you how to do it?
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