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  1. Hi Guys, Yes he was definetly a dark blue.... No whit what so ever! Anyway have been giving him "Macka" the iodine and now his cere is back to being bright blue again... Im keeping an eye on him and he seems to be doing fine? He was going through a moult at that time and im unsure as to his age exactly so unsure as to what was going on there? But anyway he has now taken a fancy to my fluffed up sick looking little man who strangely enough has now perked up?? Maybe he just needed a friend!! Thanks for your reply's!
  2. Whoever told you that when birds sleep with the heads on their wing, is not a good sign, does NOT know what they are talking about It's not only a good sign, but it show they are comfortable enough in their surrounds to sleep as relaxed as that... sleeping on one leg is also good... As to your other bird, he doesn't sound well. I'd also get him to a vet asap, as they hide illness well and once you recognise it they are usually pretty sick. What are his poo's like? What colour is his cere? It could be anything and an Avian vet would be your best bet. Good luck and please keep us updated.His cere is dark blue?? As for poop well im guessing normal he is never dirty nor does he ever have anything stuck to his feathers, he's not red.... nothing unusual to look at as such??As for info i guess it comes with being a newbie....... take in all info and figure out it out along the way??? :hap: Thanks dave i think i may just have to do that.....watched him all day and he hasn't budged AGAIN from the perch.....another male is pruning him but he doesn't do much??? Well that would be me! I don't know about you but when I go out to look at my birds in the aviary the last thing I want to see is a bird sitting on its own with its little head tucked back under its wing - what I DO want to see is plenty of activity going on.Each to their own! Another job for Tony....running around rattling the cages so the birds dont get any rest or is it a plan to make them all BOMBPROOF :yes: But...YES ...there is a big difference between a fluffed up bird and a normally healthy one sleeping with its head tucked in Ahhh... im sooo slow at keeping up!!! :DWell thank you to all again for your help!!!Im very pleased to know that my birds are comfortable and not sick!! As for my little man i'll have to get him checked out!!! All the best! Sounds good to me!
  3. Hello, Well ive been told that birds that curl their heads round under their wing is not a good sign??? I Have atleast three birds that do this is this bad or are they just sleeping??? Also i have an adult male that is very puffy all the time sits low on his perch, hardly ever eats, drinks or moves for that matter and on his tummy it has a squishy area??? My other males dont have this??? something doesn't seem right??? He hasn't changed in two weeks so is this normal? could he just be old?? :fear Would love some help!! Thanks in advance.
  4. Hi Mirren and Family, :fingerscrossed: Hope you enjoy the forum!! It can be very informative. All the best :rofl:
  5. I feel that true budgie lover/ Breeders would do anything to help a novice learn the ropes in nutrition and health emergencies etc. first and foremost learnig how to care and house the budgies for health and safety should be the number one concern!! Anyone who would take a few hours out of there day to run you through the cabinets, special food, suitable avairies, supplements, show you their birds and babies, costing of food, housing and budgies is truely a remarkable person. Especially if they are willing to bring you into their own home........ I really admire people who can put competition aside and get down to what is really important!!We all have to start somewhere "YES" your very right, we will all encounter problems with all of the above, losses etc BUT if we have knowledge from someone who has been there done that, then there will be alot more gain than loss!! To all those show breeders keep an open heart, being thrown in the deep end is exactly what is needed for all of us novice wannabee's it puts a really good prospective on a lifetime descision.I Have alot of admiration for all of you. If there were alot more people willing to help out the beginners there may be alot more "stayers" alot of wonderful birds and some exciting competetion possibly in the future!!All the very best with your endevours everyone! My Husband and children have allergies and Asthma daily, this may be my hiccup to taking this further we'll see how we go with my pet budgies first???? Hmmm
  6. No Probs, Found out the info i required.... Birds are 09 NOT 06 ??? Thanks
  7. Thanks Renee, Thought she may have been 3yrs old(2006)...... my sister has her in her avairy now (Molly)!! As for the bub the pink ring has no number and the red has the 73?? I was curious of there age and where they came from Thanks for all the info....... See you soon.
  8. Well i have two budgies that have leg rings?? One is a baby that has a matte pink leg ring on one leg and a matte red ring on the other leg i think number 73?? The other has a glossy red ring that has WABC -06 or -09??? (not sure) with the number 657?? I think they are both Hens. What age are these birds?? Any idea??? Thanks in advance AGAIN!!!
  9. Awwww sooo adorable. I love reading posts like this!!! What beautiful babies you have all the best.
  10. I have a female that, that is happening to also..... was getting a little confused about what was going on there That explains it! Thanks guys
  11. Hormonal changes are usually the cause of this. Try popping some iodine in his water - 2 drops per 200mls should do the trick. Will do, thanks Renee
  12. Awesome thanks Renee, Would love to come for look!! You just let me know the day and time, PM me your address and i'll be there. I really appreciate it. Thanks
  13. Hello. I have a male budgie that i purchased a couple of weeks ago, he's not a baby but im unsure as to how old he actually is?? ANYWAY He has always had a BLUE cere, and is currently going through a moult. Now his cere seems to be turning a little brown??? Still bright blue underneath though??? Is this to do with his moult. He's been treated for scaleymite??? Seems a little odd! Any idea as to what might be going on?? Thanks in advance.
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