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  1. very interesting, i once went to a breeder and he said he put citric acid or something of the like in his birds water to solidify thier droppings? have u heard of this before? with my breeding birds of late, i have noticed they are a bit runny but are normal colour. is there anything i could do to prevent this? i worm them regulary and give them multivitams in there water. any suggestions would be appreciated. thanks
  2. thanks! will take some photos and post them tomorrow as im about to go to a wedding. Without looking at my records im pretty sure she is a 08 bird. will post some photos soon.thanks again!
  3. i have a yellow/green clerwing hen that is in my avairy at the moment(not breeding her at the moment) and she has an almost black cere. is this normal or is there something wrong with her? if there is, what treatment is needed? thanks
  4. Thanks for that. will change the perches as soon as i can. they are in my garage but there is a sun light and i leave a light on, and open the screen door when i get home from work. i only use my car once a week as i have a work van so they hardly get disturbed. Here is me complaining about no eggs last night and ill be buggered the clearwings laid their first egg today!! Relief! I only have a 1 paired up pair in the avairy, they are on eggs now but im thinking of taking those boxes out and just using more breeding cages. Thanks again for your help!
  5. My Clearwings in the breeding cage, still no eggs!!Another breeding cageMy AvairyBreeding pair at nightFather on right, mother in nest abovehope these work!will upload more soon! hi all, would be good to get some feed back on my birds and maybe how i could improve things?? thanks photo sizes please familiarise yourself with forum rules for sizes of photos and only post if edited to 480 by 640. These have been changed to links as they have been posted oversized
  6. My Clearwings in the breeding cage, still no eggs!! Another breeding cage My Avairy Breeding pair at night Father on right, mother in nest above hope these work!will upload more soon!
  7. p.s. how do i upload my pictures?
  8. Yeah the hens are going in and out of the nests regulary, everytime i go in there the hens are in there. They are talking to each other, kissing etc. they are up high in the cage, just above the perches. will take some photos and upload them. do i need that photo book thing to uplaod them? thanks for your help.
  9. Hi all. i have recently set up 2 breeding cages and added my pairs about 2 weeks ago. i have mounted the nesting boxes externally etc and there is plenty of room (cages are aprox 800x400). I was wondering how long it will be before eggs arrive? any suggestions would be great. thanks. :WobbleSign:
  10. what nutrients is important while breeding and where do i get it from?
  11. when are the next SA auctions?i am keen to buy some birds!where are they held?
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