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  1. More than happy to help doc! I was going to attach my wire fronts with screws and washers. Will pre-drill the timber edge so it doesnt split when i screw into it. Yeah I am also going to use sheet metal but I am going to get mine made up. I have made a mesh bottom as you already know but I will make the front edge bigger than the rest so it looks neat! Havent really decided how I will attach my nesting boxes yet as I havent made them, but I was thinking of either using the screw and washer method again by screwing them from the inside with a cordless drill.(sorry if that doesnt make sense. Just think that way will be a bit more sturdy! Hope this helps, cant wait to see your breeding cages!!
  2. They look great doc! After seeing those I will have to change my plans with mine! Haha thanks heaps for that!
  3. Yeah she does. One of my best out of last year. Pretty happy with her. Nice size too
  4. Haha thanks sunnie! Now just to find birds with those features that are available! Thanks again
  5. Hey guys, just an update on my birds and to show some of last years breeding results. Just letting you know its only my third breeding season so my birds arent great. Here they are Last years results cock hen cock cock (all brothers and sisters) Mum and Dad (not great picture sorry) This is the guy that has given me problems with infertile eggs! Bad photo but one of my best birds Random Shots Ideas on where I could improve would be great! Hope they aren't too bad!
  6. Just thought I would share with you the breeding cages I am currently making. A bigger project than I first thought, but I am getting there! Any ideas where I can improve would be great! Here they are First day Day Two What it will look like with fronts on I Still have to add my mesh to the raised platform I have made and get my cleaning trays made up. Then make the nesting boxes! The list goes on.... What is the best size for nesting boxes? Ideas would be a great help! Thanks guys
  7. Needs help with uploading photos! Htm code or IMG code?

  8. How long should quarantine last kaz?will be buying some of spangs birds and was curious???
  9. Haha thats the problem Kaz, there isnt anyone, I am the only one I know that has this interest. Its killing me! Do you know of anyone that could help me out? What are the Fishers birds like? Thanks
  10. I would like to get into show breeding, I bought some show birds last year and bred with them. They turned out well but not quite up to standard yet!!! I am deverstated as I just realised I have doubled book myself for next weeks Fisher's auction! I will be in Melbourne on a football trip so I will miss it! Do you know of any good breeders in Adelaide that have birds for sale? I am after a few pairs! Looking to start some lutinos and add to my normal green/greys Any suggestions would be great! Thanks
  11. Thanks guys! Might chase up the magill grain store squeak, do you know off the top of your head what sizes they make? I wonder how much Fielders will charge me to make them? I am not selling any at the auctions, I just want to get them ready for myself. I want to buy maybe 3 or 4 pairs at the Fisher's auction next month. I currently have some M&K Murphy stock which are big birds, hope this auction brings some birds with great features! Thanks again guys Moderator’s Message Changed u to you. Please don't use shortcut language.
  12. They look great! where did you get your trays from? Moderator’s Message please do not use unapproved shortcuts.
  13. I am currently building my breeding cages, I have the mesh fronts which i bought off the internet (24" x 18") and have the sides and backs all ready to go but I am stumped as what to do with the bottoms of my cages for cleaning purposes?? Do I try and make it so I can fit some type of tray in there with a wire bottom just above it? If you had any ideas it would be really helpful! Need to get these ready before the Adelaide auction comes up! Thanks
  14. sad of the passing! what time does the day begin? looking forward to upgrading my stock!
  15. I am also chasing some down and i live in adelaide, only after 2 tho!!
  16. Hey guys, just updating you on the yellow belly troubles. i recently treated all of my birds and happened to ony loose one chick out of all of it. i know have a total of 8 healthy chicks! thanks again as u have saved my birds! will post some pics soon!
  17. Thanks splat and renae, i have started treatment already so hopefully things pick up, cleaned all cages so hopefully :rofl: ! i see results. I was also a little worried that my cock wasnt feeding my hen enough but it seems after watching him he is. this is their second lot of offspring this year so it isnt their first time breeding. The other chick that hatched this morning has a full gut so things might be okay. Thanks again guys, you were a great help!
  18. thanks splat, does this mean all of my birds will have it and i will loose all of my babies? thanks a lot for your help!!
  19. Two days ago one of my breedings pairs eggs 1st egg hatched then when i went to check it again today the baby was dead. It had a yellow stomach, it looked like it had been feed by the parents yesterday so i dont think it starved? does anyone know what else it could have been? another baby hatched this morning so i am watching it closely so see if it is being fed right. if anyone could shed some light that would be great. Thanks
  20. Thanks liv! yeah he is my pride and joy, couldnt get him to breed the first time I tried this year! when one of my pairs in the breeding cages are finished i will try him again. Wish i had more room ! haha just need to work out who to breed him with ? any suggestions with the photos i have posted! thanks for your feedback! :fear Thanks kaz. I am only breeding with one pair in there. None of the others i dont think will match up, not that i want them to. Once the pair in there has finished i will take the boxes out. Thanks for the feedback, glad to hear my birds arent "duds" haha Some more pics i just found on photo bucket. normal greens eggs My clearwings eggs Clearwing pairs
  21. hey guys, just introducing myself and my flock of budgies. i curently have 14 birds and have 2 pairs in my breeding cages. i dont have a lot of room so i only can breed 3 pairs at a time. here are some pics! would be great to get some feedback. thanks guys! :raincloud:
  22. thanks alot for that, will add all of the above! will post some pics of my birds tonight.thanks
  23. okay, thanks alot for that! much appreciated. Is my diet for them okay or should i be adding something extra?thanks again Kazthanks alot for that, its been really hot the past week so that makes sense! thanks again!
  24. i change their water everyday, i give them a break every now and then, should i do it more often? have u heard of citric acid in water to harden droppings or is it something else?
  25. i am giving them normal budgie seed, with some spinach every now and then, as well as some millet, breeding aid and multi vitams in there water. is that okay or should i be doing something different?
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