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  1. Thanks splat! Well the cock has a opal violet father and a dom pied sky mother.(normal cinnamon line) and the hen has a grey/green cinnamon father and a spangle opal grey green mother (normal line)

    So does that make it opaline?

  2. Thanks guys! Appreciate our advice.

    Will do that Kaz, cheers.


    Haha if they were easy to make and took less time I could do them for you, but unfortunately they arent sorry.haha


    Lets just hope they work okay!!

    Thanks again guys


    Finally finished my project today (except Kaz's advice, i will cut the doors tomorrow)

    Fixed the nesting boxes, perches and put handles on my trays.







    Now to find some hens for my cocks!!

  3. I made my nest boxes today so I thought I would share them with you and get your thoughts on them.



    200high x 170wide x 150deep




    I used fly screen framing so I could slide the back of the nest box up for viewing etc




    I made a sliding floor with sides so the chicks/eggs dont fall out. Its hard to see the concave bottom I made in it. Its deep enough trust me.Haha



    View with the sliding back off


    Hope these look okay? Any ideas for improvements would be great!


  4. Just another update on my progress with the breeding cages.

    I havent been able to get to them every night so the progress has been delayed a little.

    Today I put the mesh flooring in and attached one of the wire fronts. I still have to get the tin trays made up and make the nesting boxes, but getting there slowly.

    Here it is.







    Hope they look okay.

  5. More than happy to help doc!

    I was going to attach my wire fronts with screws and washers. Will pre-drill the timber edge so it doesnt split when i screw into it.

    Yeah I am also going to use sheet metal but I am going to get mine made up. I have made a mesh bottom as you already know but I will make the front edge bigger than the rest so it looks neat!

    Havent really decided how I will attach my nesting boxes yet as I havent made them, but I was thinking of either using the screw and washer method again by screwing them from the inside with a cordless drill.(sorry if that doesnt make sense. Just think that way will be a bit more sturdy!

    Hope this helps, cant wait to see your breeding cages!!

  6. Well, it looks to me like you have some nice size and length and you need more width and blow in the head and more shoulder - that's how I see it anyway. From what I understand (in my 3 years experience lol) size is the hardest thing to get and putting heads on isnt so hard lol.


    They look lovely :D



    Haha thanks sunnie! Now just to find birds with those features that are available! Thanks again

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