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  1. Another update on my cinnamon opaline chicks No. 1 So far the pick of the bunch No.2 No. 3 No. 4 Hope they are getting around the mark!!
  2. Has organized a visit to sunnie's place! Looking forward to seeing her birds!

    1. rachelm


      Oh you lucky thing :-)

    2. Sunnie


      Was lovely to meet you Adam, I hope I didnt talk your ear off and you found your visit interesting :)

    3. buick_87


      Thanks Tracy. Was great! You have some very nice birds! Thanks again!

  3. Thanks Kaz! I have read these types are pretty common? Are they the type of bird that is more frustrating than anything? As in cross breeds?
  4. Thanks splat! Well the cock has a opal violet father and a dom pied sky mother.(normal cinnamon line) and the hen has a grey/green cinnamon father and a spangle opal grey green mother (normal line) So does that make it opaline?
  5. Im only new to this Kaz but does that mean they will be cinnamon opaline? Sorry bare with me!haha
  6. Just an update on my new chicks Number 1 Number 2 Number 3 Number 4 And Mum and Dad if you have forgotten Mum is a grey green from a normal line and Dad is a cinnamon cobalt from a normal/cinnamon line
  7. This is fascinating Kaz! I have never heard of this before! Is he still nice and healthy? How long do they live for? Love the photo updates!
  8. Haha thanks Kaz! I did start to think that the other day. 4 out of 5 was a good result! Thanks squeek!
  9. Haha thanks! Are you going to the next bssa meeting? I will be joining then! wish I had my rings now tho!
  10. Thanks sunnie! Yeah it was a relief! Opens a few options with him being fertile now! Think I will pair him with her next! What do you think?
  11. Just some new chicks from a cock that I thought was infertile Dad Mum is the middle one sorry about the poor photos!!
  12. Thanks guys! Appreciate our advice. Will do that Kaz, cheers. Haha if they were easy to make and took less time I could do them for you, but unfortunately they arent sorry.haha Lets just hope they work okay!! Thanks again guys Finally finished my project today (except Kaz's advice, i will cut the doors tomorrow) Fixed the nesting boxes, perches and put handles on my trays. Now to find some hens for my cocks!!
  13. I made my nest boxes today so I thought I would share them with you and get your thoughts on them. 200high x 170wide x 150deep I used fly screen framing so I could slide the back of the nest box up for viewing etc I made a sliding floor with sides so the chicks/eggs dont fall out. Its hard to see the concave bottom I made in it. Its deep enough trust me.Haha View with the sliding back off Hope these look okay? Any ideas for improvements would be great! Cheers
  14. why cant I read my pm's from my iphone app?

  15. Thanks kaz! So make them in line? Or one lower than the other?
  16. I am currently building my breeding cages and was just wondering where in the cage to put them? I have been looking at pictures others and seem to get two variations, Two in line with each other or one off-set? Just wondering what is best? Thanks
  17. My prize cock has produced the goods finally! 2 pinkies today!

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    2. splat


      congrats on your pinkies. Do you have any pics of your prize cock.

    3. buick_87


      I may have got a little excited, he is my best cock not prize cock. haha yeah he is in my flock section, cinnamon cobalt.thanks guys

    4. **KAZ**


      great news !!!

  18. sorry to hear about your dog libby! hope all is well
  19. Thanks splat! Thats a great idea! May alter that at some stage!
  20. Sorry to be a pain but what is a feather duster? im only new to all this?
  21. Just another update on my progress with the breeding cages. I havent been able to get to them every night so the progress has been delayed a little. Today I put the mesh flooring in and attached one of the wire fronts. I still have to get the tin trays made up and make the nesting boxes, but getting there slowly. Here it is. Hope they look okay.
  22. Is going to my first BSSA meeting tonight

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    2. **Liv**


      I didnt make it last night... I hope to meet you all next month =D

    3. buick_87


      Had a great time thanks. Met some great people and learnt alot! Will be joining up for sure!Sue was great and very helpful!

    4. Sunnie


      Glad you enjoyed it and I look forward to meeting you at the next one :)

  23. Thanks heaps will call tomorrow!
  24. Thanks sunnie! I bought them off eBay. Lindirect or something like that. I will find out exactly if you like? Could I grab the number of that place. Might get them to make mine. You have helped me numerous times today! Haha
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