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  1. Quick update. I went and check my sick girl and the good news is she has eaten something, she is not looking so fluffed up and her tail isn't bobbing anymore. I'm considering leaving her inside for the rest of winter and won't be reintroducing her to the avairy or outside until she is 100%. I still have to deal with the feather loss and her scaly feet but I figure eating and not looking so stressed means that the lamp is helping her and I may be able to have her long enough to take her to the vet after all. Won't get my hopes up too high though. She still has to make it through the
  2. Thanks Finnie I too understand the two sides of the coin, like I said I thought at the time that I was making the right decision for her, I was not to know that the eggs would be infertile and now that I do I understand the time and effort it takes Sky and Budge to sit on these eggs (Budge sits on the eggs, when Sky comes out for a stretch and drink etc) I'm thinking your idea of marking the eggs are a good idea, I have already written down the dates that all the eggs were laid, and know that she was laying consistantly every even day then 2 days in a row she laid and now we are on odd
  3. All the best for tomorrow Kassidy and Koko
  4. Hi Robyn, Its 2 days past due date and nothing. Hopefully as GB said in another post the cold weather delays hatching so I may still end up with one or two. Heres hoping anyway. Anne Marie
  5. I have checked her over and she has only the scaly mites on her feet. Her beak is clean as is under her wings. This has happened so fast. Would change in the weather be a possibility. It was fairly cold last week but now we are getting quite warm (for winter anyway) and it has been drizzling non stop for about 3 days now. The soonest I would be able to take her to the vets would be friday maybe monday, rellies coming so I could get them to drive me (even if I had a car I can't drive, medical problems) depends on what day they get here. I just worry that she won't make it. Should I give her
  6. I wasn't 100% sure that he was out of breeding condition, I'm still new to this and am still learning. I know that Sky most definately is in breeding condition though. I also thought that if they were so keen on having eggs by laying in a pot plant then I should give them the opportunity to do so. Besides I could not have been certain that even by disposing of the eggs and removing the plant that she would have attempted to lay some where else. I took what I thought was the safest option for her and her eggs. As for the eggs being pushed aside I think it was in the middle of a rotation as
  7. So here's the thing, one of my birds has had scaly feet, started treatment with olive oil, it is working her feet look heaps better, but when I went to feed them this morning she has lost alot of feathers. Around her beak, around her legs, up her stomach, and on her back. She is sick, this I know as she is now fluffed up with tail bobbing and she is lethargic. All in one night. Her poos still look normal. Have not seen her eat anything, she was late yesterday. She is still perching on the highest perch, and still has ability to fly. No chirping (never has been a talker though) oh and her wings
  8. she is up to number 11. There is no room left in her concave and she has pushed 3 eggs over to the side. Two of which are infertile, the other a nice white one. I really don't think Budge is in breeding condition and said so when I first mentioned about her having laid two eggs. I have looked at his cere now compared to when I took a photo of him for you guys and his cere is now a much lighter blue then before. I really think these new eggs are probably infertile as well. The first egg was suppose to hatch yesterday, my guess is if any were of any use it would have been the first few, then
  9. Yes that is similiar to Sky's eggs though I would say not that dark. Then again it could have been the light as well. So what do I do? Leave the eggs, take the eggs, wait a week???
  10. I know I am no expert but one of my dad's finches had a similar problem and it was caused by a mosquito bite. The finch is completely paralysed in one leg, luckly dad can still use her as a breeding hen.
  11. okay went and had a quick look and from what I can tell all of the eggs seem to be a really nice white colour except definately 3 maybe 4, they are still white but are not as bright, hard to explain really, all I can say is they are not brown, they are still white just a different white to the others. How many eggs can a bird lay? I believe Sky is going for number 11. Looking a bit big in the bum.
  12. What if I leave them another week. If none hatch in time then I remove all the eggs, remove the box, and leave the birds in the cage for a week. I will then stick with my original plan and prepare for some eggs in September. Oh and I'll remove that plant that Sky thought was a good nesting spot as well. In one of my other posts I mentioned that Sky laid two eggs in a plant in the avairy, I placed the eggs into a nest box, and put them and the box into a spare cage, as I was unable to bring the cage inside due to cat sitting I kept the cage in the avairy where they could still be protect
  13. I am not able to candle all the eggs as she has so many and I am unable to tell with the ones in the middle. That is why I said about taking them out so I could see them. I know you are not suppose to touch the eggs but wearing something like a latex glove should be alright shouldn't it? Or maybe if I remove just the ones that I know are infertile and leave the others a bit longer, I really don't know. I could always leave them in their cage a little longer and just remove the nest box. The cage is already in the avairy, I was just going to open the door and let them come out when they were r
  14. I was thinking about taking the eggs out and checking each one at a time if any are fertile I will return the whole lot but if all are infertile I was just going to let mum and dad back into the avairy. Sky won't become depressed or anything like that if I was to take the eggs would she?
  15. Hi all, Just been to check Sky's eggs and I'm fairly certain that the 5 out of 10 eggs I checked were infertile. The light just shines straight through the egg. The first egg was due to hatch about the 8th but adding on an extra 2 days that would have been yesterday. Anyways my question is: Should I leave the eggs with Sky or should I take the whole lot off her and try again when I was originally going to (around September)? I don't think she should be wasting her energy sitting on nothing but on the same token I would hate to upset her to much by taking the eggs away. Any help would