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  1. Hi Dear Forum Members, I need your advice about one of my parakeets' strange behavior. I just want to be sure that he is not sick. I have three male and one female parakeet that live in their separate cages. One of my male parakeets is 2.5 years old. Last year, I took him from a college student who purchased the parakeet from a Pet shop in USA (Pets mart). I noticed that he rarely was chewing something/food when he joined us. He was an active 1 year old parakeet. He started to jump on our hands and mimic our words such as "come here", "ridiculous" etc. Almost three months ago the chewing episodes become more frequent. He is chewing most of the day. He eats but takes longer. He sings, mimics our words but he is sometimes nervous and is not coming to our hands. Then a couple of days later he again acts friendly. The parakeet is 30gr a little smaller than the other parakeets. Compared to the other parakeets, I think he prune himself more than the others. I took him to an avian vet in Pennsylvania. She checked his crop and his wings. She said that maybe he is suffering from the feather mites. She gave 3 syringes of ivomec. I gave the content of 1 syringe orally every two weeks. His treatments were finished two weeks ago but he still chews. His video : Can you tell me if anybody's parakeets act like mine? Is he suffering from a disease that the vet could not diagnose? Your answers are highly appreciated. Thanks Zerrin PA-USA
  2. Thanks Elly, I was told that 2 females will fight for the territory. They are not fighting. I guess the parakeet with the blue white cere is not a male. I have two good females. Thanks again Zerrin
  3. Hi Dear Forum Members, I would like to find out my Parakeets Sex. They are around 6-8 months. My friends gave them to me. I put them in one cage. They are not fighting. They are courting and staying together all the time. Can you help me? Thanks zerrin
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