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  1. Track down the nearest sheet metal fabricator , they should supply cut & bend to the specs you supply.
  2. PJI

    My Babies

    Here are some pictures Nadene , I will re - join next meeting cheers Phill . http://i421.photobuc...zpse5ad5252.jpg http://i421.photobuc...zps2a8fafcc.jpg http://i421.photobuc...zps4d45cc97.jpg http://i421.photobuc...zps151f0b28.jpg http://i421.photobuc...zpsc51ab4c8.jpg
  3. I went to Ray Welshman' today & took some videos of a few birds that will be at the Hills Auction in July. http://phillkathybudgerigars.weebly.com/index.html
  4. PJI

    My Babies

    Good to see some youngsters coming along Nadene, well done. I have a grey green spangle & a sky cock for you next meeting if I make it. If not I will get Terry to take them for me cheers Phill
  5. Here is a link to the Victorian Budgerigars Society forms page, http://www.bcv.asn.au/BCVForms.htm .
  6. I know of a breeder who always places a large marble in the nest after the first chick hatches, this does two things. Firstly it keeps the hen off the chicks & if the hen leaves the nest for a period of time the marble retains warmth for the remaining eggs. Hope it helps cheers Phill
  7. I may be reading your post wrong, but I assume you are cage breeding ?. If that is the case & your pair is laying there third round of eggs with four one month old youngsters in the same cage ,this is not a good scenario. You have to get those one month old youngsters away from the breeding pairs as soon as they start cracking seed & let the pairs get on with it un interrupted. What is probably happening is the hen is getting aggressive towards the one month old chicks being in her breeding space, & maybe the cock is trying to protect them from the mother "who knows".
  8. Remove the cock & allow the hen to hatch & raise the chicks on her own.
  9. Don't be to hasty in throwing away eggs that you think are clear, it all depends on when the hen begins to incubate them.
  10. You will have no problem doing that at all, just don't overload the next hen with to many eggs though.What you might be better off doing is allow both hens to hatch there eggs ,then transfer the chicks allowing the hen that needs the rest to raise perhaps one chick giving yourself some options.
  11. I would put all your birds on a course of triple-c from vetafarm for about 10 days or so couldn't hurt.
  12. Put all your birds on a course of Coccivet for a couple of weeks as a precaution , replenish the water every two days. All my birds go on a course of coccivet every eight weeks, i know a lot of breeders do the same, it's aprox $35.00 for a 250 ml bottle & i use 5ml per 3 ltres.
  13. Hi Warped,the advise that Paulie & Flip gave is good. If you are starting out breeding exhibition type budgerigars ,join a club get out there & visit as many aviaries as possible & develop your eye for a bird. Do not be in a rush to fork out all your hard earned money buying birds. You have to research the background of the birds you will eventually be interested in buying & also the breeder. By researching the breeder you have to work out a few things > IE: Do they have a few top quality birds in there avairy & does the quality drop off dramatically after those initial few top birds,if that was the case i would exit stage left & move on. That said if you go to an avairy that has birds that you like ,"but are not perfect" ,IE: This breeder may have spent years establishing a stud of birds with fantastic feather direction and awsome faces on his birds ,but by doing this they have allowed the birds to become smaller. You could go to another breeder and they might have an established stud of birds which excell in size & shoulder ,good head roll/back skull etc. Now if you could manage to aquire a few pairs from each of these breeders and combine the qualities of each > who knows you could possibly breed better birds than both of them.Easier said than done i suppose. Buying birds from a well established stud is the most important thing you have to do.
  14. Couple of things you could do is ,one > after she lays her first egg from the next round replace that egg with a dummy egg & simply transfer all the following eggs to other nests. The second thing you could do is leave everything the same, "but " after she lays the next round > remove the cock bird, he may be the problem.
  15. PJI

    My Aviary

    Excellent aviary , well done.
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