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  1. Thanks to everyone for your helpful replies. I assumed, should know better by now, that the bands were just to indicate which matings produced that bird, date etc. I have lots, and lots, to learn. Is there a link here to pictures describing which splits, colours, types are which?
  2. So we have bought some budgies, this years but not leg banded. As we intend getting more budgies & breeding we would like to band those we have already got that aren't banded and start recording information for record purposes. We know we cant use the closed bands so assume? we have to use the split plastic bands? As these are not numbered what sort of information do members put on the bands and with what, indelible pen? What colour should we get for this year? We are in NSW... I say this because I think different states may have different colours???? Maybe wrong. Many thanks in anticipation.
  3. The reason why most people end up putting their aviary on a concrete slab or concrete pavers is that they get an invasion of either mice or rats. Mice wee on the seed and the budgies die, rats attack the budgies and savage their little bodies. :angel: A rubber mat would pose no problem to rodents - but a rubber mat on top of pavers .... now there's a solution! :sad: The aviary does have a steel channel, as part of it's construction, around its' base. Therefore any rodents would have to either chew through the timber decking that the aviary will sit on or through the steel channel.
  4. Have just ordered a proprietary brand aviary, 2.45 long x 1.23 wide by 1.800 high & embarking on the adventure of having a good number of budgerigars, having previously only had one or two in a cage previously. The aviary is to be sited on our outside, raised, covered deck, this is an area I can see from the kitchen, is next to our pool & where we frequently relax. So it is the best possible position for us to see & enjoy the birds. This is both protected but open to lots of fresh air. Alternative locations aren't in the equation. Because the deck is timber boards, 90m.m. wide with 10m.m. gap between them it would seem that the choice of floor within the aviary is limited. Steve (hubby) is thinking rubber mat as this will be reasonably easy to keep clean, is non slip, meets the need to stop seed falling through the deck & hence attracting vermin & (seems to us beginners) practical. However we are really interested to read what others use in similar circumstances & what you think of the proposed rubber matting.
  5. Thanks for that Kaz. As beginners we will certainly follow your advice.
  6. I was wondering if anyone has experience of mixing Budgies with Scarlet Chested Parrots, do they get on alright or is it recommended not to mix the two breeds?
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