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  1. Hi guys, for anyone who maybe remembers me? Maybe? Haven't been on for... I can't even work out how long! Anyway, merry Christmas to everyone!

    1. Nadene


      It has been a long time. Merry Christmas to you Ratzy

    2. Finnie


      Hey Ratzy, Merry Christmas! Of course we remember you. :)

    3. robyn


      Hi Ratsy, good to hear from you. How your green tail bird going?

  2. Sorry I haven't been on, little Baby passed away just as she was opening her eyes :'( I think it was a bacterial thing - when I found her she had rotten food in her crop, so maybe that only just caught up. She just lost feeding response, and then I knew something wasn't quite right and she passed at about 4 am, at 7 days old. I think I have been using that brand of formula, I can't remember because I threw out the packet and just stored it in a sealed container and typed up the intructions. RIP Baby :'( If I ever have a chick needing to be raised this young again, at
  3. Thanks I ask my wildlife rehabber if she knew anyone who had babies, and she's going to ask around for me. Can I add calcivet to the formula for extra calcium?
  4. okay, I'll try and find a club. Everything's going alright, she's feeding well and everything. But I think she's starting to get splayed legs - can I fix that when she's so young ( with sponge? )? I swear she's grown a bit, too. And I THINK she has plum eyes ( I'm not certain though, but they aren't fully black ) and she lost the egg tooth. I have a system now for feeding her in the middle of the night - she cheeps when she get hungry, which wakes me up ( I'm a seriously light sleeper ). Pics from the first night.
  5. I don't know anybody with new bubs She survived the night, anyway, had a couple of feeds. I'm going to see if my wildlife rehabber knows anyone with chicks in this area today.
  6. So I got home and my hen was dead ( she crawled into a gap between the nesting box and the cage bars and got stuck and I wasn't there ), and I thought her chick and her eggs were dead. BUT, as I take down the nest box, I hear a little cheep. So now I have a two-day old chick that needs hand rearing because the dad won't sit on her. Yes, I have great luck with my birds. She's in a brooder under a heat lamp, and she's warm now. She has food in the crop from dad feeding her ( but he isn't going to sit on her, useless thing ) and it's school holidays so I can be THERE 24/7 ( luckil
  7. RIP little Elly. You haven't been good for months, and you've not been getting any better. RIP little sweetheart.

  8. RIP little Elly. You haven't been good for months, and you've not been getting any better. RIP little sweetheart.

  9. It will be harder to gain her trust, but I wouldn't say impossible. I was looking after a 4 + year old hen, who bit hard and hadn't been out of the cage in years, and she was sitting on my hand ( and not freaking out ) the first night. Same thing with a cockatiel I looked after. Never been handled ( that I was aware of ), an five minutes later I was walking around the house with him on my shoulder. I don't think that would be the norm, though. I have a lot of untame budgies in the aviary, but then again, if they were inside, it would be a different story, I think. The only progress I made
  10. Most times, you won't see them mate. Sometimes, you don't see it at all. I wouldn't worry, she probably won't nest on the floor while she knows the nesting box is there. Good luck!
  11. I have a breeding pair sitting on five eggs, trouble is, 2 of the eggs are due to hatch in about a week, and the rest in about 2 and a half weeks. Will that cause any problems?

    1. Ratzy


      Thanks :)

      She's stopped at 5 eggs, I think. I'll put pics up when/if chicks start to hatch.

    2. Ratzy


      Thanks :)

      She's stopped at 5 eggs, I think. I'll put pics up when/if chicks start to hatch.

  12. Hi guys, haven't been online lately. Things are going slowly over here. I have good news though, Marigold's tumour (judging by pics I took of it when I first noticed) seems to be a lot smaller than it was!

  13. Thanks guys! They've all made recoveries ( well, I hope Elly is recovering, she looks a heap better )! Fang and Betty are back in the aviary. Still haven't clipped Fang's beak, do I do that with nail scissors? I'm kinda scared of hurting him. Betty is completely fine now. Lol Fang's happy to be back with Dude, seriously, the second I put him in the aviary Dude is preening him! Pity they're both cocks! Meanwhile, Chubsy and Elly have bonded, and they are still in the hospital cage, and probably will still be in the hospital cage until the weekend, just to be sure. Chubba Chubs has
  14. Okay, I have four budgies in the hospital cage, each with different ailments Fang was looking a bit 'off'', if you know what I mean, so I brought him inside. He's moulting, and has a sore foot, so I thought I'd better keep him in overnight and see how it is. Well, got him in, had a look at him and noticed that his beak is a bit malformed. It's more like a spade at the end than a normal beak. So I don't exactly know how to deal with that one, it's not hindering his ability to eat I don't think. Anyway, he's going back in the aviary today ( maybe, depends how he is later on ) so his mate
  15. I'm handrearing two little cockatiel chicks :( . I pulled them this morning after I found one dead with a heap of whole seeds in it's crop. The other two also have whole seeds in their crops. I rang up a wildlife rehabber, and she didn't think they needed flushing, and I'm going round there to be shown how to hand rear properly. I gave them a quick feed just now, which went completely fine.

    1. **KAZ**


      Good luck Ratzy !!

    2. Ratzy


      Just did another feed, crops full and seeds are almost all gone. Having absolutely no trouble getting them to eat, they caught on straight away. Breathing slightly easier now.

    3. Ratzy


      :( They died at dad's work yesterday. He probably let them get too cold or something, because they were fine when I fed them :(. RIP little chickies