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  1. Well thats great everyone doesnt think there isnt anything serious wrong. I wasnt expecting any of this, I know I have a male and female in the same cage, but I have been stressed about a lot of other things at the moment and didnt think. I put the nest in there because I wouldnt want Gypsy to lay eggs on the ground or anything, sort of leave Gypsy in a bad position. Birds have feelings too, lol. I have plenty of time to look after the birds, as I am not working. I just need to know more of what I should do... so I will check out the other areas of this forum. I really didnt even think what could go wrong, so I am back to learning. Thanks everyone for your replys, I couldnt wake up this morning to have a read and see what everyone thought. Yeah I had a look at other pictures of baby birds and had no idea they looked like that! Of course I will be a proud grandparent up and put stacks of pics :-)
  2. Im no expert but I think he is a male. I also take my birds out in cages, not sure if it is the right thing to do, but they are fine. I got my male (Tutu) and for a week solid he didnt move from one spot, I was so worried, I called the pet shop, and I think some other person and they said give him time. I went and got a eye dropper to give him some water because I didnt see him drinking or eating. My way of training him, I would sit at the cage all the time and talk to him softly and slowly, I didnt put my hand in for a week, and then after that it was once day and that was my finger. He was a xmas present so I had to pass him on to his partner 2 weeks after I got him. A different house. My mother has a small dog, I remember just before he went to my partners house, he would go down to say hello to the dog. Although he wasnt doing anything to me. At my partners house he kept him in his room all the time, it was a small room. He would talk to him all the time, put his hand in, but not force him to do anything. Just slowly and talk to him really softly and slowly. Tutu then started becoming confident and he would sit on our hands. Then he liked to bite our buttons on our shirts, and then pretty much became the boss of us. Liked bitting my neck. We knew he was tame when my partner was calling out his name while going to the bathroom and Tutu was walking behind him on the floor following him. He even had to turn a couple of corners. I would suggest not to rush him, say his name a lot to him quietly. When you take him out of the cage, your movements need to be slow, get to know him in a small room, and make the most enjoyable thing for him to do is come and see you, take out distractions. At the start I never allowed him to come out by himself. I always put my hand in there for him to go on to so he could come out. When he went back in I would take him back in. Now he comes out when he wants (its been 9 months) but he always comes over to a human, never goes and has a look at anything else in the room. When he would be on our hand at the start we would repeat the same things we said to him when he was in the cage so he was comfortable.
  3. My birds love their swings (they like sleeping on them) and they like the bell on the bottom, I had one but had to get another one because they would fight about it, it took me a few months of searching for a good one. You should get some. They also like to be high up, so maybe put a tree twig; one end in the back of the cage and the other end on the side (if you know what I mean). This gives them another view. I have a male and female too. The male will try everything first. The female stands back. The female is bossy though, if I put in celery she normally tells the male off for a while, but then she gets over it and shares. I had a ladder in the bird cage, but took it out, my birds never used it. Its a waste of space.
  4. Now I thought I would share my funny story, Tutu my male budgie absolutely loves his bells! I have 3 in the cage and he likes one is particular, we position it so it is in reaching for him when he is on a perch? (is that the right word). He likes to sit there and put it on his head like a hat, he just sits there. For a couple of minutes doing nothing but having it like a hat on, it doesnt cover his head fully, its like a hat. Sometimes we say something to him, he will walk over and put if on his head, hahahaha. I find it very funny. There is another bell, where one day I thought he was hanging myself, I ran over because he was in mid air and I thought his head was caught, he had the bell inside in his mouth and he was holding on. That one scares me when he does that. Sometimes he goes crazy trying to attack his bells, similar is a world war 3 fight. He sits on top of the swing, brings the bell to him and holds it with his feet and starts attacking. He likes attacking it from the perch too. He sits on the perch, puts his let as high as his body, one leg on the perch one leg on the bell and then tries to eat the bell. Hahaha I thought I would share my story.
  5. I have noticed that my female budgie has had some changes in the last couple of weeks and I am unsure why, so I found this forum and thought I would see if anyone else had come across it. I got a male budgie (Tutu) at xmas for my partner which is fully trained, around 3 months later we thought that we should get another budgie so Tutu wouldnt be lonely for when we were not around. We got a fiesty female (Gypsy), when we got it home it was much bigger than Tutu, so we thought that maybe it was older than what the pet shop told us, we also couldnt train Gypsy. So a couple of days ago when I was cleaning the bird cage, I noticed that Gypsy cere was a darker brown and was crusty. I havent noticed this before, so I thought it was strange. I went online and came across different reasons. Now I came across something that said budgies during the breeding season the females cere goes dark brown and crusty. Now this was just on a yahoo answers page, so I wanted to check with other experienced budgie owners if this was right? Then I started to think... I had the thinking hat on, hahaha... now we are 2 weeks into spring... mmm... now that I think about it I have noticed some other things that are strange. One thing is that Tutu is looking awfully small compared to Gypsy, he was always smaller but lately there is a big difference. I then realised that it was Gypsy that is actually getting bigger, she looks fat, I also noticed that her wings are sitting differently on her back. She even looks like she has something at the bottom of her body. The birds stay in the house at night, in the morning when I take them outside Tutu normally comes over and says hello, lately he has been trying to bite my fingers. Other than that there hasnt been much difference. Tutu and Gypsy always sing to each other, I am really proud of Tutu as he likes to copy my whistles, and he talks like a radio station, bites my lip hard when I dont whistle to him, he rules the house. Gypsy just does her normal chatter. Oh I do remember another thing, Tutu has been dancing when my partner puts music on Tutu starts to dance with his head, and so Gypsy has picked up on this and had started too. Anyway I love my birds. Now I know nothing about birds breeding. We picked up a breeding box, months ago, but the thought went out of my head. Yesterday I put both birds in a larger cage and put the breeding box in there just in case. Although its at the bottom on the cage and I dont know if this is okay? I have put some shreaded paper and this other bird bedding stuff in their too. The birds havent gone in the box that I know off? Another question, Im not sure if I should move them all the time now, if she wants to lay some eggs, should I just leave them in the house... its just that they like being outside, and feisty Gypsy in the past would normally screch in the morning until she goes outside. I have a vet booked for tomorrow, because I am a little worried and I tried to get some info from them, but all they wanted for me to bring the birds in. It costs about $58 for the consultation, I dont have much money, so would rather get some advice, but if I dont of course I will take my birds to the vet. Now the birds are normal other than this, right now I can hear them being noisy loud birds, I think my whole street can hear them. This is nothing unsual. So does everyone think Gypsy is in breeding season? And if anyone could give me advice of what to do that would be great. Like is it alright to keep the breeding box on the floor of the bird cage, can I move them inside and outside every day. Anything special I need to know? Thankyou anyone that would like to reply to me and my birds :-).
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