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  1. About 10 days ago. macka just so you know but 'these people' are fellow members and if you didint want to answer the question then thats fine, but being rude is really not going to make us new members comfortable. If you are not going to be helpful but simply be a smart **** perhaps dont reply?
  2. Hi all budgie experts! I have a hen in a breeding cage with a cock who appears to be sitting on five clear eggs. I am hopeful with two of the eggs, they appear to be changing colour but I am not sure. Anyway I will give them another couple of days but if they are all clear whats the best thing to do? Should I remove all the eggs and hope she replaces them with fertile? Let her sit on the eggs unti she rejects them? Take both hen and cock out of breeding cage and put back int the aviary? Change the cock? Or something else? Thanks.
  3. Hi. I have three new chicks (hen layed five but two were damaged). The cock is a light green opaline and the hen is a yellow face cobalt blue normal. Already the oldest chick has grey fluff and it appears to have yellow looking feathers coming through. What do you expect from this. Any opinions would be great.
  4. Yep the egg was like the one on the right. I removed it and cracked it open and it was empty (expect for the yolk). Looks like she has three fertile ones.
  5. Thank you. It seems my Albino hen has five fertile then. How exciting.
  6. I have a lutino hen who is currently sitting on four eggs. She layed her last about six days ago so all should be showing fertile (if fertile). However one egg looks different, its got a tinge of orange to it and looks duller. Is it fair to say that this egg is more than likely unfertile? I also have an albino hen sitting on five eggs, all her eggs are solid white in colour and shiny. Are those more than likely all fertile? I dont really like handling eggs that much, I really dont want to stress the hens out. But I would like to know the amount of budgies that will be hatching in a week or so. This is my first time breeding for about five years, I have set up a new aviary with a couple of breeding cages inside, Last time I bred I didint have the internet and so far have learned alot more (like colony breeding is not the best thing to do). Last time I simply put my budgies in the aviary with some breeding boxes and let them do their thing. I did get good results but want to be more particular in what I breed this time. Thanks for any help!
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