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  1. thanks I feel better now I was a little worried there for awhile thought I had better not be concentraitng on the mutations so much and go right back to sexing 101 :rofl:
  2. this is the only close up one I have this one I mean but I will get a better one in the morning
  3. I am pretty sure the first one is a girl as she has had an egg before YAY! how exciting I think they will be getting put in the breeding box first :rofl:
  4. thank you for that the first one also has black eyes so back to the drawing board I am afraidthanks kaz well that clears that up he does have the tiniest tinge of blue on his cere which is why I was leaning towards male I have owned him for 2 years and he has never been interested in any of the others which is why I was not 100 percent sure about him ever and there was also the albino that use to throw me until you all helped me clear that up so a BIG thank you again :rofl:
  5. Hi All I this lovely little girl and I am wanting to breed pieds with her what male would I need to put her with to get the most chance of getting them, I do have this lovely boy would he be a good choice thanks :rofl: Vendetta and her prospective mate Rastas Watermelon he does have a light blue nose but there he looks like a female any one to claraify ?
  6. WOW!!!!! you have some stunning babies there they are all little beauties I especially love the wonderful blue ones
  7. Hi All, We are well on schedule with the new avairy we will hopefully be finished tomorrow and I have a fair few mums with eggs and one has 5 babes is it safe to move the boxes into new avairy what I mean is will the mums be able to find their boxes or would it be better to leave them in current cage till babies/eggs are out. I do have three breeding cages that 3 pairs could go in but as it is now I have 5 pairs with eggs so some will have to go straight to aviary. thank you
  8. WOW!!! Congrat Neville such a beautiful bird and photo
  9. Hi cameronsch thank you they are lovely, I breed these ones they were my first ever attempt and I was lucky enough to get 5 they are all very good breeders I have all paired with different hens at the moment and have another 5 few day old babies and eggs galore so fingers crossed and I do spend a lot of time with them and I can usually tell who is with who as most of the pairs I have will not let any other female/male near them . Hi Neville, yes I am colony breeding at the moment although am starting to get serious this weekend hubby and I are starting a bigger aviary ( got all the gear ready just need hubby to come to the party hehe ) will then start getting proper breeding boxes and selecting good parents etc... I have only started with budgies about a year ago and after the first 5 lovley babies I am hooked.. I do have a lovely hen that seems to have no mate well she does chase one of the opalines around a fair bit when she is out of the nest who has another mate so think he also has done the "deed" with her and pretends not to know her when the other "missus" is about but as you know with the colony breeding pretty much anything goes hehe I am also trying to get some knowledge on varities and pairing for when I do start with the breeding boxes so when the babies from those parents do eventuate I may be able to identify what they are, which is what I am striving for
  10. Hi, The pair in picture 1 have 5 eggs in their nest just wondering what the babies may be if they hatch, in picture 2 this pair have 5 lovely pink chicks no feathers as yet think I can take a guess and say they will some shade of blue hehe and the last pair also have eggs and I won't even take a guess at what they might be. I also have eggs from a cobalt violet opaline pair I think even with my novice knowledge I know what I will get there (love the easy ones hehe) thanks
  11. Hi I have a few more birds to show you to get your knowledge on their varities in the first picture I would like to know in picture 1 what is the green hen? in picture 2 & 3 what variety are these? in picture 4 & 5 are these two birds cobalt normals? in pictures 6,7,8,9,10 are these all cobalt violet opalines? thanking you all once again for your help
  12. Thank you very much for those great replies I am very happy to now know what variety my lovely budgies are :emoticon112:
  13. jlee

    Hi Everyone

    Hi, I am new to being a member on this website but have used a lot of the information given out on it for the last year and a half of owning budgies I have 30 now but I am sure it will not stop there . I am also interested in being able to identify different varieties which I am only just learning as there are so many to have to remember and sometimes it gets a little confusing but I am sure with lots of reading I may get there I am also breeding budgies which I love to do watching those lovely little babies grow into a surprise everytime ( wouldn't have to be a surprise if I was up on genetics/varieties haha) but the surprise is fun also I have some lovely birds that always climb all over me when I am in with them they do capture your heart don't they. well thats me in a nutshell thanks for reading
  14. Hi Everyone, I have some Budgies that I would like some help with in identifing what type they are I am new to the site and also new to photobucket so hopefully I have resized and posted the pics properly sorry in advance if it is wrong... the pure white budgie has a lovely light aqua sheen to it feathers when in the sun but can not be seen when it is in the shade hopefully photo picked it up sometimes the eyes also look a little red the cere is still pink although I have had it for 2 years and does not display the common male / female behavior so I am having trouble figuring out which sex it is any help would be greatly appreciated thank you
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