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  1. oh no haha :bliss: thank you anyway it's amazing what you can make yourself see I was positive I could see a two little rows of yellow pins above the cere in your photo on the oldest chicky.. I even showed the hubby haha :D ... lucky he knows even less than I do but I will keep fingers crossed anyway and just have to wait till the pins start showing. :D

  2. Thanks Kaz the photo was very helpful also, I have 5 babies in a nest with the 6th (and final one) due tomorrow.

    I was looking at the eldest one today and he had that grey/blue tinge to his wings and head but as in your photo those babies also have that colouring and are still yellowface so I will still be keeping fingers crossed for lots of them to be yellowfaces.

    The father of my lot is a violet opaline and the mother is a yf opaline but she is a green colour with blue under her wings I have posted about the pair before for their mutations and offspring percentages thanks again. :D

  3. Hi All,

    Just wanted to start this off to tell you how my budgies are going, so far off to a good start I had 5 beautiful babies born to my violet opaline and normal cobalt pair which fledged a few weeks ago and now I have another two new born babies from a violet male and yellowface female which I am very excited about so hoping I will get some yellowfaces out of this nest :ohmygod: . I have finally seperated 4 pairs into their own breeding cages last week and it was amazing to see how different they are in their own spaces instead of the aviary with so much distraction going on in there they are all having way to much fun to want to sit still and lay eggs and now they are happy with no other influences they are starting to go through the breeding motions

    :camera: so hope they all keep it up with good results.

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