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  1. that keyring sounds like a very helpful little device, might have to keep an eye out for one myself, also sounds like it would keep the kids entertained too
  2. Looks fantastic Dave, getting rid of the carpet is one of our future plans also, all those photos you posted makes me want to get busy and do it now.
  3. for me it is a hobby I just keep too many of the babies to be a business, I think about selling a few then I think they might end up with a not so loving home and feel sorry for them and they stay
  4. I joined my club last year, I am going to be meeting some members over the next two weeks, the club is 300 klms from where I live so unfortunatly I will not get to see them on a regular basis, although I am looking forward to getting to speak with them, I already have lined up with one of the breeders on the commitee to maybe purchase some birds, I have been emailing him and he seems very nice and helpful, but like Dave's experience they probably all won't be like that as with any crowd there is always bound to be a few not so helpful/nice ones but that is okay I will just learn what I can and
  5. CONGRATULATIONS!!! that photo is just awesome... well done
  6. Not much of a story behind mine the J comes from my first name Jody and lee is my middle name :budgiedance:
  7. jlee

    Hello All ...

    Hi Kathleen, the babies are so adorable with their little yellow faces so very cute
  8. jlee

    New Forum

    LOL I just love Mr Sleepy in the first photo how very very cute
  9. they are so wonderful Splat I totally love the skyblue fella alhtough they are all beautiful I just love skyblues
  10. how exciting can't wait to see your new lot of photos
  11. Such stunning birds nubbly you must be so pleased with them all :fingerscrossed:
  12. jlee


    Hi :fingerscrossed:
  13. thank you so much for the great replies, in regards to the white budgie it seems I may have to wait till it is older to be sure but now I at least know what to look for and the little spangle the wing colouring is brown so must be cinnamon which is great and opaline too didn't even think he would be that
  14. love the new photos of the blue greywing baby Kaz such a beautiful combination there :rofl:
  15. I have this lovely little spangle (the budgie at the bottom of photo) and was just wondering why his wing colouring is lighter than the others I have? Also I have this lovely white budgie he is not albino as he has black eyes and not one slight pattern/marking anywhere what do we call these?
  16. I want to be number two in line after Ross! :rofl:
  17. Sorry I do live in Emerald but it is Emerald Queensland lol :rofl: goodnight
  18. oh thank you so much for the offer but unfortunatly I live in Queensland but if I am ever over your way I will take you up on that :rofl: I do have 6 dom pied adults and two show size lovely ones that my hubby brought me as a present they were a pair when he brought them and have been in a seperate breeding cage for a few weeks togther but alas nothing atleast the opalines are getting my numbers up they are like rabbits the little buggers
  19. thanks for the photo of the dom pied baby I have yet to see one out of mine yet, opaline city here I love getting any babies though but would like to see something different pop out of an egg for a change :rofl: so your photo was very helpful
  20. :rofl: for lots of hens then out of this lot, it would be so exciting venturing into show budgies and having your first lot of babies and knowing it is only onwards and upwards from here
  21. CONGRATULATIONS! on your new baby and keeping :rofl: for you
  22. Kaz those babies are so beautiful I just love the colour of them :rofl:
  23. Thank you so much for that libby it was AMAZING to see
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