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  1. Yes Dave I agree also, your writing was so good I actually had to check myself numerous times while reading your post and remind myself that it was actually not a great novel I kept getting lost in, it was you explaing to us what happened to you and your budgies one night.


    although with all this wonderful feedback about your writting maybe it is time to put the teaching on the backburner and get into writing novels :D

  2. Thanks Nubbly :)


    I do hope they will be beneficial to my breeding, they will hopefully be the start of many many more great ones to come...


    Then I will just have to figure out what they lack and keep improving them :) well that's the plan anyway and to have a whole heap of fun doing it.....and of course to learn :D

  3. Not sure what other clubs do but our club gives out trophy's to the winners of each class at our table shows, these trophy's are suppose to be returned before the next show. I think the club is finding it hard to keep track of where the trophys go and they are not being returned so the winners at the next show don't get presented with the trophy, they still get their money for winning but as a beginner I would rather have a ribbon with the club name and a first, second or third and what class my bird was in on the ribbon and actually get to keep it rather than the possibility of not getting the oppotunity to get a photo with the trophy or having to keep track of it to return it the following month.



  4. thanks Amy I was thinking about using shade cloth, the birds have been getting frights at night for the last week, I thought it was a cat as by the time we got out there when they were scattering what ever had caused it was gone, I finally saw the owls last night they were swooping about 10 cm past the front of my 5 metre aviary now as soon as the budgies hear them they all take off in hysterics, I put my daughters fake (but looks very real) kitty on the cage last night and covered it that seemed to fix it, but while I was outside the owls were actually swooping very close to the kids and I when we were near the aviary while we were trying to fix the problem, they don't seem shy what so ever we waited out there and tried to scare them off they were just looking at us like we were strange :D

  5. I am needing some ideas on how to stop owls harrassing the budgeis at night, they have been doing this for over a week, so far I have seemed to have stopped the problem temporarily by covering up the whole cage in both aviarys with sheets at night, I spotted the owls cruising very close straight past the cages numerous times and really giving the budgies one heck of a fright, I think I will have to make some permanant covers that are not transparent but will let the air through any ideas would be greatly appreciated


    thanks so much jlee

  6. thanks RIPbudgies, I have the one zebra finch but I also have two gouldians, as you said in your comment there are lots of people/websites that say it is okay to house certain breeds of birds together so I just wasn't sure, being a small bird I thought the finches would be the ones to come off second best all the time, which finch breeds would be agressive, just like my budgies they would breed in their own cages but I was just asking as I would have liked to put them in the main flight when not breeding instead of having to get yet another aviary to house just them, which I may like to do later on but only having 3 finches seemed a bit like overkill for now, could I house the zebra and gouldians together when not breeding?

  7. Hi Geoff they were put in the breeding cages on the 13th March, it probably took them two weeks to get use to each other and start checking out the nest boxes and laying , it has been about a month now from pairing up till the first chicks hatched, some pairs are still laying eggs, the first egg was laid on the 27th March, I still have 4 nests that have no eggs so I am thinking about splitting those pairs up and trying again with different partners, hope that helps you :)

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