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  1. Hi I've got a budgie that I willbe breeding soon. I was wandering what would be the ideal age to start breeding this budgie?
  2. My budgie is estimated 9 months old and has a problem with taming. Whenever my hand approaches her she bites it. I tried offering food but she sees biting my hand more fun than eating. What can I do?
  3. He is gorgeous! I agree that he is a light green opaline greywing. Love the first picture!
  4. I have two budgies that I will be thinking about breeding in the future. One is a light green cinnamon opaline and one is a normal cobalt budgie. What kind of budgies will they make and will the budgies still have the cinnamon wings? Thanks
  5. Thanks for the welcome, hope to get to know you guys better!
  6. Hi I own a light green cinnamon opaline budgie that is estimated 9 months old. I am hoping in the next few years to breed her with a suitable mate. I have only had Basil (my budgie) for 7 months, and have just entered the world of budgies. Emma
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