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  1. Would it upset the parents tho from going from a big avairy to a small cage?
  2. I have a pair in my avairy with 4 chicks in the nest ( between 2 & 3weeks old) can I move thier nest with chicks in it & the pair to a normal bird cage? Or will they stress and or hurt their chicks? It's no drama if I can't, just a bit of a waste of space one pair in a 7ft avairy lol just thought if I could move them I could house some of my extra cock birds in the avairy
  3. The last one is purple, well I'm not good with mutations but when I look at him he just looks purple, never seen a bird so purple lol the photo makes him look green. They were $120 for 8 birds ( 4 breeding pairs) and 8 breeding boxes plus a feeder & waterer.. I grabbed them lol Blue not green!! Lol
  4. Thanks I did keep the parents and she's currently just started laying eggs again, both babies from clutch had green between their wings I couldn't find a decent photo but u get the idea lol Mum back in the nest I do have some avairys set up but also had to sell a few I have 4 babies in a nest, she was on eggs at the start of the seperation so I kept her I also picked up some new hens the other day lol I've also been offered 4 x pairs at a decent price but I'm not sure yet, I took some photos of them while I was there anyways if anyone can tell me their mutations?? Some I'm not sure of, one cock is extremely PURPLE I've never seen a bird look so purple I took photos of him too but the photos only show him as plain blue
  5. The younger one turned out exactly like the older one, I'm unsure of the mutation, I was planning to keep them but sadly had a relationship break down and tried down sizing my birds to find a rental house for the kids and my self and the two babies were the first to go, I was very upset about it, how ever I'm back on my feet and purchased four new hens today and have three tiny chicks aswell from a pair I kept that are under a week old at the moment
  6. Thankyou I have a few different looking birds now that I have no idea what combos they are lol What would u suggest I breed him too? This is another little odd ball I think its a young male
  7. Sorry I haven't got another photo of him yet I will this arvo Paulie you seem to know about yellow faces can u tell me about this other bird of mine?
  8. He's pretty much the same colour dry, he's very dark but I'll get one of him soon I have another yellow face .. I think, but doesn't look like this guy, the body colour on this one is strange lol
  9. Tommy is beautiful!! The lilac point is the dad, I flew him up from Sydney full moon cattery, the seal is mum from Lealjo cattery in Mackay, I also have her half sister who is blue point lol The kittens are 5weeks old, 2 seals, 2lilacs & one blue Then I have a seal point but she's the older traditional style, not the pointy face ones and I have a big lynx point ragdoll x Siamese and a pure white odd eye Siamese x she has a yellow eye and a blue eye
  10. I know the photos are dodgey but this bird doesn't really like me near him and he's wet as I sprayed him for mites lol but colour ideas?
  11. Would love to see photos of the babies
  12. Thank you Pheobes The kids all know they must be very gentle with the animals and respect them? I have a litter of 5week old Siamese kittens at the moment that are getting lots of kiddie love aswell lol
  13. Yep I read & re read the labels then got hubby to double check the amount for me lol I just got back from being out for a few hours and the colbolt ( Elvis lol) already looks happier he seems to be walking & perching a lot more easier now, his poor feet must of been so sore
  14. From his daddy lol both my boys have long lashes like their dad
  15. Ever since I was little I had a massive love & passion for animals , I have a zoo here lol lizards birds cats kittens rats dogs fish etc And my 5 year old nephew has the same love, just check out his smile And my two year old son who isn't as sure lol
  16. I've done them all with avimec & sprayed the housings with malason50 & fidos also been putting vasoline on him, he's easy to do as he is tame, the others tend to bite me LOL I have ivemec coming on the weekend my dad is bringing it up from the stock feed place I also trimmed his claws
  17. Thankyou. Can u tell me what the 01 number means? His ring is not the breeders who I got him off, he was bred in Mackay. I think he has athrities in his feet? Ill post a photo
  18. So I assume I just made a goose of myself? Lol I done some research and seems the 01 ring was green, but the 2011 ring was purple that came out in sept 2011. So could " Elvis" be a 2010 bird?
  19. I just checked his tag , its purple and says 01 ( along with other numbers going the other way) does this mean he was born in 2001?? He's such a sweet bird, let's me hold him and pat him, he doesn't really do much, I've set up the avairy so there is heaps of perches and climbing things so he can get every where but at 12 years his breeding days would be behind him would it be kinder to let him live inside in a cage? His ring says " M-something can't make it out-S 152 then horizontally says 01" and its purple can someone decode it?
  20. Wings are not clipped , got him from a breeder, the breeder said its cos he's been in a breeding cage, he said he usually swaps them around so they each get a go in the flights and avairies to exercise other wise this happens?
  21. I picked up 6 more budgies today lol One is a big boofy boy, he's over weight and has been in a breeding cage. He can't fly. He gets about 2 ft of air and crashes. Tips on how to help him?
  22. Thank you before I joined this from I only knew them as " yellow , blue & white, green" etc lol
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