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  1. Sorry to hear about Elmo. :thumbs_up:
  2. I thought parsley was a toxin? I give them the bread dry BudgieloverKirsty, them seem to prefer it like that. But I do give all my greens a good soak with water. The budgies love that. Plus it gives the greens a wash too, just in case.
  3. kilgh

    Nz Newbie

    Okay...down to two budgies now. Thanks for the welcomes. Spooky, that's what the three of them looked like together....the same three colour schemes.
  4. Yes, he had a great life. At least I have his son still. He doesn't have his colouring, but everything else is about the same. Thanks for the kind words.
  5. Well sadly, the tumour got infected so I had to go with the surgery option. I found a good vet and he managed to get the lump of in five minutes without any blood loss. And just when we they all thought they were good Marble went and passed away in recovery. Little sod. Best budgie ever.
  6. Hi there, I have a few herbs growing in my garden. Basil and Mint are faves for my birds. They also enjoy raw broccolli and silverbeet. Plus wholegrain bread and apple. I give these as treats more than nutritional musts myself, as I get a mix of seed and birdie biscuits that should cover them. I also give them a "golden fruit" mixture for variety.
  7. kilgh

    Nz Newbie

    I'll try and get some sorted.
  8. kilgh

    Nz Newbie

    Hi there everyone! Glad I stumbled across this site. I only have the three budgies right now. Marble 14yrs cobalt blue Misty 5yrs blue pied (Marble's son) Sparkle 5-7yrs yellow mainly with a bit of green mixed in. Female. Marble's girlfriend. But not Misty's mother.
  9. kilgh

    Teflon Scare

    I bought a non-teflon non-stick pan this year because of the risks. Plus it might be linked to human and cat thyroid tumors too.
  10. Thanks. I'll see what pics I have. He's okay today also, though not too pleased to be basted in olive oil. But he never bites. I cleaned up the area and removed a few feathers caught up. It's one ugly looking tumour, poor guy.
  11. Yeah, thanks everybody. That's kind of what I was thinking too. His name is Marble incidentally. He's at least 14. He was full-grown when I got him, so he could be older. He has fathered two clutches for me. He is a bit of a favourite because he is just the nicest guy and is a beautiful deep blue colour. He was looking happy enough today, still preening and eating. The olive oil does seem to have made some changes to the surface appearance of the growth, so maybe it will at least shrink it and make him more comfortable.
  12. Hi there, I have a 14yr old male budgie who has a large papilloma growth on his back. He managed to hide this from me apparently for a while (he is an aviary bird). My dilemma is: The nearest avian vet is over an hour away and the stress of the trip could kill him. Every other local vet is too scared to surgically remove it cause they think it will kill him. Auckland's rescue bird specialist says to treat him with olive oil (which kills wart-like growths apparently) because surgery will kill him. (she's not a vet, but most vets go to her for advice) So I'm thinking, maybe no surgery. But I don't want him to waste away if the olive oil treatment doesn't help. He's looking a little sick right now, but still interested in the world. Any suggestions?
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