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  1. Hey all, I was wondering what type of artificial lighting people use and how they use it, Also is it possible to add artificial lighting inside a cage? Say for instance a 40watt globe connected to a balast which is on the roof of the cage, Covering it to prevent burns isn't and issue as I have specially made light covers for my reptiles. Even without a thermistat/dimmer I don't see any problems arising due to heat from a 40 watt globe as cages are open fronts and wouldn't retain too much heat what are your thoughts?
  2. You can also clean branches by depending on size of the branch a)In your bath tub b)In a bucket/storage container to fit the entire branch in Fill your bath/bucket with boiling water and then add a handfull of epsom salts, leave to soak for a day than take outside,hose off and allow to dry in the sun!
  3. Hey, I'm not sure if you have a petbarn around your area but I have seen cage fronts in my local one and they were quite cheap for petbarn standards, They were about $7.50. Hope that helps
  4. Thanks for all the replies! I actually wanted to keep them in my garage but I wasn't sure if they would breed in there due to artificial light, Will an energy saving globe which is on the ceiling of the roof be enough to imitate light requirements? Thanks
  5. Hey all, I recently bought a male and female pair of budgies along with a breeding cabinet and I am interested in breeding, I have a few questions and any help would be appreciated in answering them 1) I live on the Central coast of NSW, I am wondering if it is possible to keep my cabinet outside if it is on a covered patio? I have seen a few people around my area which keep budgies in aviaries all year round. What would be the pro's and con's of doing this? Would it be too cold to do so of a night? 2) I bought some "budgie seed" from the shop I bought the birds from, What other foods are good to give on a staple basis? 3) I have read that I should worm my birds every 4 months, What is the best brand to use? Thanks!
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