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  1. Awwww that is too precious! Great shot (and yeah I am finding it hard too to post pics lol)
  2. Hi Hilly my first thought when I bought him was that he was a greywing spangle but the grey is really really light and the flights and tail feathers are yellow? I thought they "had" to be grey as well in that case? I guess we might need to wait till his first moult to see what happens with his colours, I think he is pretty in any case :-)
  3. Hi tried that but it just doesn't want to let me "copy" It worked but the smilies are still only words for me, not pics, weird! Anyway, Kaz has replied on FB not sure what this little guy's mutation is but it doesn't look clearwing to her and perhaps too bright to be dilute. He is definitely a spangle I suppose. His yellow is quite a lemon yellow and the green.....well not sure what you would call it lol, not bright green though. His name is Ozzie by the way ;-)
  4. It has been ages since I've posted on here and for some reason I can not seem to do copy and paste links from photobucket??? [/img] Sorry I don't get it, I think I need some help Can't seem to post smilies either ???
  5. My friend is after a tame budgie boy, preferably green or yellow or combination. She is located nor Perth Thanks all
  6. Flip-Trainer how??? Have never heard of a bird breaking their neck in a happy hut??? Poor bird :-(
  7. Jazzy will run around the carpet and occasionally she stops and "scratches" the floor (like a chook does in sand ;-)) Is that typical female behaviour or do male budgies do that too?
  8. Yes I just heard today we now have an avian vet "north of the river" lol ;-) Awesome :-D
  9. wow Jaime, that is one gorgeous chick, love her colours (in that one piccie I could have sworn the cere looks boyish lol) Awesome when you get surprise like that :-D I have had that in the past with my cockatiels :-) By the way, your name is lovely :-D (my daughter's name is the same but with double E)
  10. thanks Robyn :-) Actually, after reading one of Kaz's posts on here (don't ask me which one it was lol, it came up after Googling) I am pretty confident my boy is a sky violet. He has the purple hue especially in sunlight. He has quite a bit of obvious purple underneath his cheek patches and the blue seems to get darker the lower you go on his body. I would not call it blue blue, but a baby blue/powdery blue but closer towards light purple lol
  11. Lol she is inquisitive enough, just not keen on either the swinging motion or the beads perhaps so might remove them (they are on the sides of the swing) Yes she gets a bit of fruit, apple so far. I have never had birds keen on fruit so always forget to give the newbies the opportunity to try some ;-) Cockatiels are not normally keen on fruit but I know a friend who has a budgie that absolutely adores strawberries so I guess I will try a few different kinds of fruit on my budgies :-) Thanks BJ
  12. My little girl Jazzy is about 2 1/2 months old, have had her for 3 weeks now. She is good with her food, not fussy and not scared to try new things. The thing is, she is such a skinny little runt! I can not get any weight on her and she is only 32 grams. Has anyone got any suggestion as to why she would be so small? I assume some budgies are just small(er) but she is skinny, not just small in stature..... She gets seed, has access to pellets and eats them, egg and biscuit mix, some bread a few times a week, greens every day (they vary). Have not tried her yet on whole egg and pasta
  13. Hi thanks so much :-) The post had not been up too long but most of the time people seem to respond a bit quicker but I think what happens is another post appears and then yours kind of "disappears" ;-) You got me really confused on the violet thing now hahahahha His colour is to my eyes (I am a female) purple but to my son (male! Lol) it is a shade of blue. Don't they always say males and females see colours differently hahaha Ah well, he is gorgeous and yes I was thinking he would indeed be about 3 months old according to the breeder (why would the breeder be making up an age anyway ;
  14. Hi I find my budgies are keen to investigate the larger birds (I own both as well) but the cockatiels are not normally keen but I have heard of tiels and budgies happily living together though so it is just mine that don't get along haha I feed my budgies the same seed mix as the tiels (which is budgie seed mix with small oats) but don't give the budgies sunflower seeds though. All the greens you feed your tiels you can give this little guy too and they loooooove millet :-)
  15. After having had our new baby Jazzy for not even 3 weeks yet we decided to get her a friend. This little one (as yet unnamed) is a beautiful spangle but is he a cobalt or violet and what exactly is a violet cobalt?? He still has baby bars but has already got the bright blue cere, when do baby bars normally disappear and at what age would the cere colour start to deepen and when do the iris rings develop? The lady I got him from said the breeder said he was about 2 months old and she had only had him for about a month so he should only be about 3 months. In bright daylight I can see the iris
  16. Apology accepted. You have the birds well being at heart, that is great :-) but please don't judge people you don't know the first thing about. I love my birds, they get spoilt rotten. I am still devastated I lost Dash. All of those who knew him, know what he meant to our family. He was amazing. Our new one will get there, I'm sure. I just don't think I will ever get the "conversations" Dash had with his toys and our cockatiel out of her lol
  17. Sorry Dillster, the inexperienced kid comment was not directed at anyone in particular on this forum ;-)
  18. HELLO!! What makes you imply I do not have enough interaction with my bird!!!!!!!!! How dare you imply that! I lost my previous bird, he died as he was very very ill. I know it was NOT because I did not clean his toys often enough thank you very much! This NEW bird has only been with us for two weeks and is NOT regurgitating yet as I wrote Please do not reply to my posts if you are going to be one of those I-know-everything-you-know-nothing type people! I am 39, not some inexperienced kid! I have had pets ALL my life and have had cockatiels for quite a number of years too. My question
  19. hmmm fair enough Thing is, read somewhere that birds that regurgitate a lot on toys etc are more at risk of getting crop infections as they swallow most of it as there is no other bird to take the regurgitated food. I do clean their toys obviously but not religiously every day or anything that often. I would obviously like to have this bird around for a lot longer than Dash was :-( I must admit, I freak out when I see Jazzy bob her head or even yawn :-/ So far she has not regurgitated yet but then again, she is only a baby ;-)
  20. thanks Forgot to ask if females are less likely to regurgitate on their toys??? Dash used to regurgitate on pretty much anything he was "in love" with lol
  21. My previous budgie, Dash, was a male. A very inquisitive, smart, talkative bird. He was not handreared but came from a breeding cabinet. When we went to have a look at the budgies that day, Dash spotted us and hopped on the wire and followed us around. It was love at first sight :-D From the moment he came home, he hopped on our fingers and would hop on the wire when he saw you to ask for attention. He was unclipped and learnt to dodge windows, walls etc very very quickly. He responded to my call and would fly down onto my hand within two days! At 5 months of age he knew about 10 words
  22. What will the colour do, you reckon Robyn? Go more greeny or go more grey? Will the yellow bleed more into the feathers? I like this mutations actually even though I wanted one with more "pastel" colours ;-D Yeah (s)he is very comfortable sitting on shoulders, does not like to be petted though (everytime my finger goes near his/her body (s)he steps up hahaha)
  23. aw what a sweet baby, how old is he?