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  1. Kate

    Hello Everyone!

    Oh, such lovely chickees!
  2. Congratulations, it captures one of those uniquely budgie moments!
  3. Have you tried mixing the pellets in with the seed, in their food bowls?
  4. I have to laugh about Charley, my Horton does the same thing. I think some birds just take longer to find a good spot, kind of like getting the covers just right around your feet.
  5. That's an interesting question! If I were starting out here's what I would appreciate: Someone who led me by the hand through all the physical equipment, and medicine, and supplements that I would need beforehand, to have for maintenance-plus-emergencies. Being physically prepared would go a long way toward helping me being mentally prepared. If I were going into breeding. Which I'm not! :-)
  6. Kate


    Uh Oh!! Personally, I find that spritzing them is like having the hen strut around in Victoria's Secret!!
  7. That's an amazing picture of the baby chick! Great job. It's hard not to feel like a "co-parent" but you have to give them a chance to use their instincts. During egg stage I couldn't find the dad in the cage so I opened the nest box and saw mom and dad both in there, with dad sitting on the eggs. Without thinking I gently put my hand in to shoo him out so I could check the eggs, and momentarily he leaned back and gave me the "eee-eee-eee" machine noise before jumping up and flying out. I could have kicked myself for doing that to him on impulse. I am SO LUCKY he resumed his duties feeding mom, etc.-----I could very easily have disrupted their rhythm of responsibilities, by butting in like that.
  8. I'm so sorry, you are lucky to have each other through this.
  9. Congratulations!!! I loved this picture. There were some great photos this month, too!
  10. :-) That last photo is really cute with them in birth order and alternating.
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