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  1. Hi Coleen , I will say it is a boy. Ross
  2. Hi Coleen and welcome to the site, there are a few of us in the south west area. Ross
  3. Thank you all for your advice I have removed the poop with a pair of pliers and the birds are happy again. Ross
  4. I recently bought a bag of avigrain seed and it was full of husks and within a week was full of weavels, hence I will never buy it again. Ross
  5. The birds have left thenest within a week.
  6. Hi I have 2 budgies that have caked on poop on their claws , I have tried to bath it off but it is too hard, any tips on how I can get rid of it. Ross
  7. Hi this is probably on the site someplace else , but I have just bought 2 japanese quails and would like to be able to give them some veges like I do for my budgies . any ideas will be greatly appreciated. Ross
  8. Hi All this face book link is surfacing for other links as my daughter opened a link that was suposidly sent from a close friend and it ended up down loading on the computer and even with a uptodate scanner I could not remove it, I ended up having to do a reformat and run the virus scanner 5 times and downloaded a second scanner and ran that twice before I could get rid of it . It was even shutting down the computer when the scanner was running. So becareful. Ross
  9. Hi Nadene and welcome to the site . Ross
  10. JUst wondering how all those from WA are faring with thefires

    1. **KAZ**


      The fires were down south of us....we have friends who had to evacuate in a hurry and hope their home was standing when it seemed all was lost. Her house survived but not sure yet how much damage.

  11. My Birds love grass ,I often put some clippings on the floorand they go crazy over it. Ross
  12. Can I borrow him Twisted , I have a cat that has been jumping on my aviary during the night
  13. I have somehere in narellan if you want to come up to pick them up , just pm me Ross
  14. Happy New Year everybody. Ross
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