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  1. Hi Kaz and Ken so sorry to hear that you lost your father aswell so soon after Ken's mine and John thoughts are with you if you and Ken need a break from things after everything you are welcome to come and stay down south
  2. I totally agree with you Kaz as I have three cats all inside but did have a cat that went outside stayed around the house but I had to go outside one day and find someones dog mauling my cat in my front yard I feel sorry for anyone that has thier birds attacked by cats but dogs can do as much damage but people don't want to blame them ps Splat glad to hear your birds are recovering well
  3. Hi Kaz & Ken our thoughts are with you and whot a wonderful last ride he will have in your hearse keep smiling you have plenty of friends around you to help don't be afraid to ask Fran & John
  4. hi Kaz his brothers and sisters are doing fine and breeding well my bring some to nov show
  5. nice birds G&G if the colbalt needs a new home you know were i live ha ha
  6. Hi Kaz That pairing looks great hope you get some realy good chicks from them think of me if you need to get rid of some
  7. hi on the lutino if your looking for best colour try and buy a olive that gives you the best results you can use grey green it can lesson your colour but an olive grey green or better still olive spangle works well for size if your lutino is a cock paired to a normal hen all lutino's born will be hens and cocks split to lutes which are good to have please don't put blue through the line you need to keep them pure it makes life really hard because you may get albinos but they will have a sheen becauce there of the green series violets are good to if there of the green series side I hope i'ved helped you a little bit
  8. Hi sorry about your loss the same year we had a normal blue that got 3rd he is alive but only this year well now that he has fertile eggs they do say some of the really good birds take longer to get over it some one at our club did tell me a good two years efore he will breed and they were right fingers crossed they will hatch Fran
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