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  1. These are my two dogs Clyde is a Great Dane and Russell ia a jack russell cross and he is 17 and deaf and very much feeling his age plus he rules the roost over Clyde
  2. Name: Fran Pets : 3 cats Lancalot, Ra,Zuri 2 dogs Russel,Clyde 250# budgies Fav Colour: Orange and Yellow Astrological sign: Taurus Age: 38 Weakness: giving in to my kids Strengths: Cooking Fav Animals: Cats Fav T.V: Two and a Half Men Live: South West Western Australia How long been a BBC member: not sure a few months Anything else: not really love my birds and cats dogs and my salt water tank and soon to be a nana can't wait Due 10/10/2010
  3. I met Tisha last week and she is sooo cute could have taken her home but I think Kaz would have noticed the lump in my pocket she looks very relaxed Kaz I'm glad the boys like her now
  4. yeah budgies travel in boot with the seat down aircon on all the way to keep them cool soup on the menu Kaz just for you see ya all on sunday
  5. well we will be there with boot full of birds and food to feed you all can't wait to see everyone and catch up
  6. the reason why we make note is the bird is in the computer well budgie program so when you click on sold you can put in from whom it went too those birds sold stay on the program just goes into the sold part it takes two seconds we do put in alot of info on the birds we keep it all works very easy but it's habit so thats what works for us and the other reason is if someone rings to find out about a bird it's easier to track down
  7. my husband does all my breed records and he is great with them we run both computer and book plus cards on boxes date eggs laid when hatched on occasions we have lost chicks but very rarely as I mark if moved chick when dated and from which box and to were I do try and move normals to ino or vise versa but doesn't happen always but good record keeping is a must even when we sell a bird it's marked in our records to whom it was sold and if culled and sold to petshop as for the computer we have one dedicated to the bird records only
  8. well have to agree nubbly is cute but you can have him I still want Mac and Frannie my name sakes and I know were you live nubbly5 my big goof could keep yours occupied for a while
  9. well Dave I think we better try a diferent tact you could support me and say that MAC FRANNIE MENPHIS all come to me it's pointless upsetting Kaz on making her choose so your support would be muchly appricated okay ps I do live closer so less stress on them
  10. soo sorry Dave but do have to add look after oneself first may the best person win which I do have to say Kaz wins hands down we are only wishing and have you notice she hasn't entered into this debate we maybe wearing her down what do you reacon
  11. well Dave that is a great idea but mac would still be better at my place Kaz promise to look after him or maybe i can borrow him for one breeding season changing tactic do think this could work Dave
  12. well I don't feel like a idiot no that it has caught other people out sqaushed it many time but still there thanks for the enjoyment Kaz
  13. well I gather from the lack of response Kaz that is a no you seemed to have got it right Dave thought I might of had a chance that we bred dad (only joking Kaz) they are both looking great my have a problem beating you on the bench with them two well done
  14. very strange may be while in the egg blood supply was lessened for a short time and the toes suffered cord wraped around them like we have with our own babies who knows I could be totally wrong of on a rant anythings possible with me
  15. hey Kaz all I have yo say don't worry you and your birds are all well looked after the other thing I would like to add is karma it will come back and bite them sooner or later
  16. can i have mac he is lovely i will give him a great home treat him with care pleeeez Kaz see you sunday baby looks good to can't wait for more photo's when it grows
  17. I agree with you nubbly I have a rule not to put in birds over 3yrs old I to was a bit disapointed with the auction even though I got some reasonable money for three of mine I do reacon if they were in a normal auction most of us would have polled better I think the amount of birds do need to be reduced to maybe 2 or 3 each it will make it more competitive
  18. Thanks Kaz I feel very privleged to have one named after me more photo's please
  19. Hi Dean I have had a good look and I would say they are very likely to be crest bred they show a disturbance in the nest and after first moult or before normally it goes away and they look normal I would mark them in your breed records as crest bred tgey are nice hens ask the breeder you got them from cock or hen could be carring that gene
  20. Australian yellow face that if they are true are golden in the face and have suffusion in the body but to get a blue aus yf you have to have two green aus yf and you my get a blue aus yf but they do have to be true aus yf but are a very tricky bird to breed I hope this helps to go in depth just gets confusing
  21. Looking great Kaz have to say I my be a bit jealous of your set up just one question have you fix the perch to the curtain hooks they may spin and jam others toes just a thought you done really well pat on the back for you and Ken
  22. Hi Kaz looking really nice keep me posted
  23. I agree with Kaz YF Dom pied but I'd have a guess that he my have come from a Australian YF if he was born blue and now changing to green thats what Aus YF do but could be wrong
  24. Hi Kaz they look great I'm glad you got rings on them
  25. Hi Kaz how are they looking colour?and hope you got the ring on cause if he takes after dad plus mum they should be corkers may regret selling him but good luck
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