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  1. Thanks for the replies.. I did cover them last night, more so so the cat couldn't see them and do her kitty thing! The cock seems to have settled a bit. My Hen still seems very timid/shy/anxious. Blake I was told they were about a year old. They are a chatty couple of birds (even more so when they know no one is in the room ). I think it will drive my husband nuts when he gets home, but I love it.
  2. Hi all, I got two budgies today, one female and one male. They are both in the same cage. The male seems to have settled rather quickly and well but won't leave the female alone (he has quite a sex drive!) I realise this is normal, but the girl seems to hate it and wants to be left alone. He is very affectionate to her in other ways too, again she doesn't seem to like it. Will this be a long term problem? Any advice is much appreciate.
  3. Thanks for the welcome and answering my questions.. I have a few more questions but realise this is not the place.. where is the best place in the forum to ask questions?
  4. Hi all, I just found this forum today and so far I likies!! I just bought two budgies today after going many many years without the beautiful sound in my life.. I missed it so.. I also have a question... It is true the only the male budgies "chatter/make a noise" or are the females just as vocal?
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