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  1. THATS SO TERRIBLE! those monsters!!! poor little bird :party0011: i heard somewhere that if you hit a person there is something wrong with you but when you hit/kill an animal there is something defintly wrong with you as in mental institution time...
  2. So excited!! :party0011: <---me running with joyany way in his cage i have food, water, toys, newspaper lined,perches all ready in his cagewe have to drive and hour and a half i dont really have a small cage for the car trip and i know your not ment to use there main home cage. would a shoe box do for an hour and a half i am struggling with that because i am thinking of the bird sitting in the dark for an hour and a half and i thought maybe it IS best to use the actual cage with a towel spread over it. anyway anymore preperations i should make i am so excited!!i heeard pet shops use shoe boxes :Puh oh i just noticed that it says i breed budgies (which i don't) is there anyway i can change this..My bad
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