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  1. I am so confused. I noticed that the pair I isolated are not eating well in the smaller cage which I setup with the nest box. I think they don't recognize the water container I have setup for them. So I decided to place them back in their original cage and setup the nest box there. I then temporarily removed all the other budgies so that they can have time alone in with the nest box there. I played some music of waterfalls (which seems to be like a Barry White song to them). I saw them mated a few times. And the hen was going in the nest box. Since the other cage was small to fit all the other four budgies, I decided to place two back in bigger cage with the pair. And immediately, the cock was exchanging food and preening the other hen which used to be his mate which I mentioned in my earlier post. But this hen is no longer in the "cycle" as her nose has gone back to white. It seems he likes this hen better but he is also mating with the other hen for the past few days. Any suggestions or comments on the cock's behavior? Sorry if this post is a bit long.
  2. Hi All, Just want to share this. I brought the pair back in the cage with the rest where there were 2 other hens. The cages were in our Laundry room by the way. The next day, the washing machine was on and I saw a hen trying to tease the cock with clipped wings. And he was able to do it ( 3 times at that ). The hen helped a lot since she maid it easy for the cock. So I decided to put them in the breeding cage I set aside. When I was changing water from their cages, the hen heard water again and was teasing the cock again. But he refused everytime. So I was wondering if that was just a fling they had on the other cage. Is he still attached to his previous mate? I haven't told my children yet that we may be expecting. I don't want to keep their hope up.
  3. I'm curious to know if I have a pair that I want to breed in a breeding cage, would it help if I let them out in the living area to play and mingle with the other budgies or should I just leave them alone in the cage?
  4. Oh well, I guess I will just have to wait until he moults and regrows his wings. I wonder if he can make it in time for summer. He is my only hope for having eggs. As I said, the other cock has a broken wing.
  5. Hi all, Firstly, I'd just like to say that I enjoy reading the topics in this forum. I am still trying to catch up on posts in the past to learn about taking care of our budgies. I bought some budgies from a private seller and they were from an aviary. They are more that a year old that is why I decided to clip their wings to tame them. A pair have been preening and exchanging food. I am just curious if they will mate and breed if their wings are clipped. I hope not because I am regretting that I clipped their wings. My first pair are not clipped because I had them younger. However, the male has a broken wing because he got out of the cage during the first day we got them and hit a window glass. He hasn't recovered since and can't fly. Would this stop him from breeding? I have seen his mate quite active and has seen her more than once trying to get on top of him but he always refuses. thanks
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