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  1. thanks kaz , made all those days of feeding and cleaning etc worth it
  2. so got some picture's of my first show from last month, out of six birds i entered in novice had 4 come 1st and 1 come 3rd ive added there early pics to show how they have turned out spangle hen rec hen greygreen hen greygreen cock
  3. just want to know what seed mix is used i bottom of show cage's
  4. here are some pics of my 2010 birds taken yesterday , all birds now 4to6 months old
  5. hi mark some very nice birds there . doya often have birds for sale
  6. mag5000

    Hi There

    hi kaz there out of the third round of a sky greywing to sky greywing . the picture earlier/above is a first round chick. the cock is split opaline. all a surprise but the chicks are of a good quality so 1,2,3 rounds and 11 chicks
  7. mag5000

    Hi There

    hope to join my local club soon , been to there last four annual shows. all looks to be very serious as it was in my old club 25 years ago. the competion between local club members is always high here as there are more than a couple of top nsw breeders . so its a bit easier to stay out of showing for now and just relearn the ropes and breed a few birds make a few new friends. but would be starting as a novice so not to much pressure
  8. we could probably say its a opaline rec yellow faced blue as its also got a fair bit of blue lower on its body. its dad is a dark green rec split opaline and also from a yellowface blue back ground. the mums also a cin wing voilet rec. so could get anything out of that pairing
  9. hey GB think it a hen ? , both parents are rec so all chicks will be rec and doesnt that also mean that the chicks that are hens will be heavily marked
  10. another nice rec violet chick dark green rec/opaline hen?
  11. mag5000

    Hi There

    couple new pics today,greygreen spangle opaline skyblue greywings in nest
  12. mag5000

    Hi There

    a greygreen chick out last weekend
  13. mag5000

    Hi There

    here's what it looks like part way through first molt
  14. nah never showed. just starting out again after 25years heres the green bird had a fair bit help but. a work mate is a nsw judge and won a few times at nationals. so get a lot of good advice and get to talk budgie allday
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