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  1. i love that blue hen in the 2nd last photo and i really like your green hens and the babie blue one and the ones you call clearwings
  2. ghazzigh

    More Aviarys

    well my husband has been spoilling me and along with our daughter and son in law has been very busy putting up three more seperate aviarys there has been very bad weather to contend with and it made all the concreting and tileing harder to do than normal but that part is now done we have a lot of cleaning up of cement splatter and tiles and pathway from red mud ect when the rest of them are finished off hes nearly there but not quite as the pictures will show you he did double doors on one again and has to put three more inside doors inside so once in there is access through all the cages BEFORE ANYONE TELLS ME AGAIN I CAN POST BIGGER PICTURES TELL PHOTOBUCKET I SIZED THEM RIGHT AND SAVED THEM AND THEY STILL CAME OUT LIKE THIS GRR GRR GRR thank you first photo after welding frame is getting ready for cement and one door put on 2nd door was added afterwards where the bucket is both doors working nowthe first gap near the wire has now got that panel stuff the same that runs all along the bottom of the aviarys on it it was brought out wider at that end making that aviary bigger than others again puts a bit of shape to it so its not long looking and if i put my babies in there dont know yet it will help strenghen them updoor was made wire on you wouldnt know its a new path with all the wet weather we hadisnt my husband decorative he put a lot of thought into colours and pattern they were left over tiles that we had so that was lucky couldnt fit all in but you get the idear where one internal door will go more photos after
  3. ooh now im confused because i dont think the mother and father are spangle clearbodies shes in top photo would she be called a spangle clearbodys father has identical markings to her back and the baby it has black eyes and my yellows all have red exept the only yellow factor boy i have and he hasnt bred hes been locked up with a yellow hen i brought so far nothing i do have lots other spangles down and will have to have a look to see if i fostered any eggs off them for some reason but i wouldnt of thought i would put it in my texas box i have 7 pairs down with fostered eggs and none of thier own eggs poor birds so would of put it in one of thiers but i am always doing strange things might of got mixed up i do try to keep the varietys i think i know seperate
  4. oopps sorry misread wont get whole bird untill tomorrow then when i take eyes
  5. The dom pied and the sky violet may turn out be show quality, and the dark green I am not sure about yet...maybe not. I'm not sure about the Dark Green either but I'm keen to see what it looks like AFTER the first moult, in particular the cap colour! yes me to i think it the head will stay like that but i think the body colour might change i have saw and held the rare black budgies last year they were adults yes they do exist there were four of them it was unbeilable it reminded me of them headwize sortof
  6. thank you for that elsa and i put them on this forum yesterday under mum and babies if you want to look i lost another baby that had a funny beak too when you get babies make sure you check thier beaks for dried food everyday apparently that was my issue with this one so preventable when you know hubby has started another aviary framed it up today roughly placed where its going got to move it again out so we can get the concrete down but had to make sure it was same height as all the others its a fraction wider outwoods thats all and got to cut doors inside from number 3 cage to this one i have all internal doors after you go in to the breeding room and then because this is the last cage we building it has a door on the outside as well when weather is better so its just sitting there no wire on yet cant wait it will be another free flight for them so i can breed keep more haha
  7. it looks like the green has some bluey colour through it very pretty colour green i wonder if it will change colours after moulting i dont know if thats possible ive never seen a pretty green like that and it was the black that struck me too the bird stands out with that colour doesnt it and are they show quality as i said im trying to learn show traits but not a show breeder
  8. thank you for trying jodie your birds are beautiful i really love the 2nd photo big beautiful bird wouldnt mind her :Dthank you for the advice links everybody dave nubbly rip kaz and elly jodie will take a bit to look at but ill get there can you tell me what colour this is on my bird just seems diffrent from my other cinnamons just read post about eyes will have to have a look tomorrow now to see her colour wish i had of read that before i got this photo im not good at photos but have a few more of body right now if you want to look
  9. I look through there show point list But no DFS ring numbers, The S may be a 5. The coded rings have a number ie XY2. thank you macka it must be a 5 then and one of those rings the bird came from moe thanks for your effort
  10. Which one ? photo number 4 and photo number 9 please
  11. thank you to everyone for advice and links i will have a lot of reading have had quick look very imformitive and helpful unfortanually i have let the babies still go as i gave my word and its my bond i work on old fashioned values so couldnt reneg on it they were happy anyway and im still learning maybe before i cull next i should get yous to cast your eye over for me if you wouldnt mind i have never heard that my birds have good qualities before chookbreeder so thank you for that i was stoked cheered me up anyway this is the babie out of the texas nest would you identify it for me please i think i have another double factor spangle if it is its my second yay
  12. would anyone be able to show me what a brownwing budgie looks like i have seen RIPs signature with a baby one and what it was and want to see a older one so far no luck
  13. what beautiful babies i really like the one near the green seed dish what sort of blue is it and is it a girl then i like the green one behind the pied have these got good show quailitys for you i would say so but im not a show breeder just seeing if i can pick good traits out
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