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  1. She's not an albino, she's a blue cinnamon.
  2. So I went through all my photo's, and figured out I got these two in particular early Oct last year, says the date stamp! So I put them in to breed. I bought a breeding cabinet for them and have put them in there with lots of food and water, greens and some calcium in their water. They aren't breeding, and i'm not sure why. I saw them on a few occasions having sex in the main cage. But There are a few things i've noticed about their health and i'm now starting to think to split them up. The male's beak is turning a dark green colour, darkest at his cere and lessening in intensity further dow
  3. My new budgie Ember is in quarantine at the moment... but he/she has taken to kicking all her seed out of her container!!! Ive had to fill it up twice in the last few days. She kicked it all out, so I filled it up again, went back in to check on her a few hours later, all out again! I mean, she litterally empties the container. Is this normal behaviour for a new budgie?
  4. Yeah Budgies looked good enough though.. bit over crowded but none looked sick or injured atleast!
  5. I just felt sorry for them :thumbs_up: The cages were so crowded they barely had enough room to sit on the perches. Well atleast i feel a little better knowing it may just be a natural thing
  6. I got my new recent friend Ember from a pet shop in Werribee.. I won't name it. Yes I know pet shop birds arent the best quality, but my theory is, someone is going to buy them, and a budgie stands a better chance with me than it does as an impulse buy for someone who knows nothing about budgies. I'd put in the hard yards helping and vet visits etc if they were nessesary, and im guessing alot of pet owners out there wouldn't.. but anyway. This pet shop, while the budgies looked fairly okay, albeit some a bit young but they were in a seperate cage with no price on it so i'm hoping they were
  7. I have no idea how to sex baby budgies so please dont take what i say as true wait for someone to reply who actually knows a thing or two unlike i haha but i'd be GUESSING they're all boys except Xena... either way they're very pretty :question:
  8. Phew! Only thing now is.. Once Ember is moved to the main cage..... 3 boys 1 girl Thats going to be a problem isn't it...
  9. The lady at the shop said Un-named (now named Ember) was a female I know you can't trust them they're just trying to make a sale but i didn't tell her i wanted a female she just said that bird was a female! Oh well I love them both anyway.. Ember can be a boys name can't it? Well I only got Ember today.. And I got Dunkin about 2 months ago.. But by the looks of them they seem to be similar ages because the amount of lines they have going down their foreheads seems about the same
  10. Its nice just to sit and watch their funny ways sometimes
  11. Theres not.. they have swings, perches, some ladders, rings their food and water containers and a bowl at the bottom of the cage with fresh fruit and veg.
  12. I'm hoping theres one of each sex here... i'm useless at sexing baby budgies lol Sorry about the crappy pictures, i'm stuck with my phone camera until my girlfriend gets home! So far un-named. Dunkin (the pied at the back not the spangle) Also, can someone please let me know what they think Un-named is... not sure what they are. Its mostly green and yellow, but on her underside of her tail she's got a couple of deep blue feathers.
  13. Thanks for the advice :budgiedance: Will definitely hold off on the breeding then.. they can just .. err.. enjoy eachothers company for a couple more months without the "commitment" :budgiedance:
  14. okay :budgiedance: So if I wait til around December/jan i should be right? I have 3 birds in my indoor avery at the moment, so I've decided to get a friend for my newest bird Dunkin while the other two are off breeding. I might go pick one out today, quarantine it for a month, let everyone settle down until December/jan and then breed the other two. Thanks everyone :budgiedance: Can always rely on you guys on this forum for sound advice
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