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    Interests? Hmmm. Oh I know, BUDGIES! ;) I do enjoy cooking, gardening (my vegie patch), watching NCIS :D and my favourite hobby would have to be photography. I just love taken photos, whether it be of my birds or the world around me its just great to catch that moment where you saw something special in the world around you!
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  1. It Okay Amy... I'm not having a good week either... Almost didn't make it either... Hope you are able to come to the next one in June... There isn't one in May because of the National sections... :emoticon112:
  2. Thanks nubbly... I understand now... :hap: I was so confused before it wasn't funny...
  3. Okay so we can't get this yourself than from a Rural shop without the Vet's okay first...? Is that right... :hap: Because I thought the product that was named up top was this... http://www.nrrbs.com.au/animalhealthivomec.htm *scratches her head in confusion*
  4. Hey GB, is it just a raw chicken carcus you give them...? Is there anything you do to it before hand...? And how long do you leave it in the aviary before removing it, so it doesn't make anyone sick...?
  5. Did she go into the aviary with others when she was well...? She may have got worms again from someone in there, did you treat all your birds for worms...? Another thing you may want to give your aviary or cage a good clean, walls washed down, floors, etc... The one that all your birds are kept in... Hope she gets better soon...
  6. She is too old to breed with Joel...
  7. Geez, maybe we have been wrong all this time...
  8. More than 7yrs... I would not breed her...
  9. Thanks Kaz, I'll be there tomorrow to pick him up...
  10. Thanks nubbly for that... I will try some different ways of breaking them... But they looked so good after they were dry... Some others will get done and a bit more fine turning on others, including show cage training...
  11. Well, I gave the washing thing a go today and it defiantly improved the look and feathers of my birds... I don't do a complete dunk, not feeling comfortable with it but wash the top with a toothbrush as I saw on the movie we watched at the southwest club the other day... I will be making that a part of my show pre... Now i have a question about the pin feather part, I manager to do some but others would come out with the feather... Is there a length you should wait to before attempting this...?
  12. :rofl: ... Smarty pants... But hey you knew what I was on about...
  13. Yeah, from has been said I would say about once a month too... This means I have to share my cordial with my budgies...? Geez... Nothing is safe from them... :rofl:
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