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  1. Thankyou guys. I understand. Im glad i wasn't offending krosp in any way. Was just that i saw his cage, and thats what i wanted, and wanted an opinion on what i found. I now know. Thanks for letting me know. Appreciate it.
  2. sorry!!! Didn't mean to offend....
  3. What do people think of this cage? http://www.dealsdirect.com.au/p/parrot-cag...ning-dome-roof/ Went looking today. I want one like krosp's above but the one's i saw today had bars to wide. They said they are getting more in....so ill go back..........
  4. Tan1976

    Arya Is Gone

    That is just awful I hate making those decisions. What a gorgeous bird. R.I.P.
  5. i have a tree in my back yard..... He loves bottlebrush, millet and honey treats....not so keen on the fresh fruit and veg..... have to keep trying with them.
  6. well i gave my budgie some bottle brush today and wow did he have a ball.... Now for the clean up haha
  7. Ha Ha what a great sight that would be. Ill try some tomorrow. Hope percy likes it too. Would love to see him having fun. He is new to us, and we are trying to get him used to us............ Thanks for the tips.
  8. Thank You. Much Appreciated. I have some in my back yard and see other birds in there and they seem to enjoy it, so just wanted to check.
  9. Does any one know if bottle brush is safe for budgies? Cheers
  10. Thank You. All very helpful
  11. Thank You. That is very helpful...... I think my bird is moulting now. Although i only got him on saturday, they thought he was between 12 and 16 weeks. He looks like he is moulting, has some patches. Would explain the biting, although, he is still scared too.
  12. Hey, Just wondering when do budgies first moult and how often after that?
  13. Tan1976

    Hello All

    Thank You everyone
  14. Tan1976

    Hello All

    Thank You. I will post a picture very soon..... Would love your opinion on age and sex..... I was told a male. Im glad his behaviour is normal. He was worrying me. He seems to chirp more when my daughter is around. Funny.
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