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  1. cem


    I really do not know , what is the idea behind the flour , they are just the recommendations I collected , but you are right , there seems no reason to use the flours. Cinnamon was said to be a preventive against diarrhea .
  2. cem


    Hi , I was working on a soft food recipe with discussing some breeders , below is the result . Equal portions of ; 1-Oat flour 2-Wheat flour 3-Rice flour 4-Corn flour 5-Soy flour 6-Semolina 7-Powdered Carob 8-Egg powder The above items will be mixed and stocked in the refrigirator. When serving , to soften the mixture grated carrot + a green veggie will be used . Cinnamon, thyme and probiotic powder wil be added like adding salt . I gathered this with infos from different breeders from show type to pet type , before trying , I just would like to take your opinions . Thanks .
  3. Nothing special ; carrots , broccoli , spinach , parsley , alfalfa and wheatgrass + boiled egg I canceled the fruits as they sour more quickly . There are around 80 birds , housed indoor in cages and in two aviaries .The room is heated , temp is between 14-20 C as it is winter here . There is an aquarium to keep the humidity up . I got UVA+UVB bulbs also . Two of the fenced windows are continously half open , I can not sense an air flow as the window heights are around 3 m. from the ground and I am not a basketball player
  4. I know it is always recommended to feed fresh veggies and fruits which I was doing regularly at least five times a week . The mixture includes nothing that is forbidden or poisonous to budgies . It is served in the morning and te rest is taken when I come from work , it usually satys 12 hours in the cage . But this regime seems to lead to diarrhea on some of my birds , could this be the cause or should I look for something else ? By the I may be mistaken in diarrhea diagnosis as I am not experienced enough , the droppings are green with a little or no white portion . They seem not very watery and hold their cylinder shape so the feces portion is formed . If it is not diarrhea , is it something else different that I should worry about ?
  5. cem

    Painting The Aviary

    Hi , I have a plan to build a new aviary but this time I will make it from iron profiles instead of regular wood . I would like to learn what kind of painting can be used as I like to eliminate any poisining risks . Are there also antibacterial types ? Thanks .
  6. I just would like to report the status , I had lost 6 birds out of 30 effected , the rest is recovering well , like Kaz said the problems differed in each bird and I have had to learn many lessons as the vets around the city I leave have very minor experience on birds . Now , my medicine inventory covers a wide range of diseases , hope I will not have to use them again . I was not having a separate hospital cage with heating or lightening availability , so I had to begin the treatment in a room temparature of 16 C . Later , when I was able to create a temparature controlled enviorement around 30 C within hospital cages , there happened a real quick improvement , in a few hours they were more active and feeding themselves better . One thing , I was sorry is a lack of crop needle as with this on hand I might had been able to save more birds , never the less I ordered some and will be ready to use in a week . As I said , after bad experience with the vets around , I decided to learn more on the bird diseases , for now , I have no intension in budgerigar breeding , more likely my aim is to keep my flock healty and happy . I stoped the breeding until I feel myself confident in keeping budgies . I will be glad if someone can suggest a detailed book for budgie health problems , their disagnosis and treatment . Thanks in advance .
  7. There is a very obvious pumping motion of the brest with each breath and they are stretching their neck , if what I learned is correct the aim of this is straightening their trachea . I guess this is a lower respitory infection , I started a treatment with tetracycline 3 days ago , there is a noticeable improvement on the birds , tail pumping is less . The treatment will continue until Sunday but by the medic , they had diarrhea , I will add boled potato and banana to their diet .
  8. Some of my birds started to wave their tail feathers up down continously , it is more obvius when they spend some effort flying etc... When closely looked , the reason seems to be the ritmic tightening muscles around the vent area , they still eat well , fly well , is this a sign of ilness ? Both females and males do it . Thanks in advance for all the responses .
  9. cem

    Is A Perch Needed

    I have two pairs that dislikes this perch , altough it seems not to be too loose , they menage to push the perch into the nest box somehow . I am not sure if this is a way of saying , I do not want to breed
  10. cem

    Feeding Regime

    I grind all these with a blender and fill the cavities of the ice tray , it takes around 4-5 hours to get it completely frozen . This amount is enough for one week for 40 birds , this fills 5-6 standard ice trays and half of the tray's cavity comes enough for a pair . I do not wait long to get it melt , before putting the divided cubes into the feeding cups , I quickly pour some water upon them and wait for 5-6 minutes . A tip for those who are not fond of softwood , covering canary seed and pushing a bit into the cube helps a lot , I know all birds are different but mine likes canary at most and this worked out as a good way to trick them .
  11. Hi All , I just would like to share my feeding routine and have comments and corrections if I am in a mistake somewhere . My Seed Mix : 25% Millet 25% French millet 25% Canary 3% Linen seed 3% Hemp seed 3% Niger 6% Peeled oat I buy them seperately and mix with the above ratios , this seed mix is available 7 days a week Soft food : I have 8 main ingreedents 4 boiled eggs 4 carrots A bunch of parsley 6-8 Egg shells (boiled , owned and powdered) 1 banana 1 teaspoon of olive oil 1 teaspoon of fish oil + Vitamin supplement The other ingreedents depends on what I have (I usually select three from the fruits and three from the veggies): A tomato A cucumber A bunch of whetgrass A bunch of Spinach A small amount of red cabbage Two Kiwis An Apple (the seeds are taken) A Peach 1/2 Melon All goes trough a blander and frozen in ice trays , I feed this mix 5-6 days in a week . Once a week I add a small amonunt of yogurt or kefir on the soft wood while serving . Sprouted Seeds : Once or twice a week Iodine and mineral blocks are always present along with the grit . I occasionally feed them fresh veggies directly , something like once in a month . I am trying to find lime pieces just to hang to the cages in rotation with cuttle fish bones . Drinking water is changed daily with mineral water (without gas) but I do not use any additives , I spray them with normal water once in evey two days in summer (rarely I add a little apple vinegar to the spraying water) All responses will be appreciated . Thanks .
  12. Thanks Kaz , now I got the point , I was always thinking the line breeding and inbreeding as same . Leave and learn , if I do not add new stock to my flock , I will be line breeding without inbreeding . This is because I will be within the same blood line . Anyway , most of non Australian budgie breeders might be line breeding as Australia is not exporting budgies for a long time , so the dangerous one is in breeding .
  13. Thanks a lot for the replies , he has a layer of wood shawings but not a concave , all the nest boxes he uses are same . Then , prior to thinking about genetics , he should have another try with a better setup and being sure about the calcium levels . By the way , what are the outcomes of line breeding ? What kind of disconformities may appear ?
  14. Thanks Kaz , cotton gloves helped a lot , I was using the surgery ones , otherwise I will be the one who gets used to being biten instead of her being used to my regular checks . I have alo noticed when the cock is in the nest too , she goes out more easly (the cock stays in) and gives a few seconds , by the way cock in this case is great , he is very fond of his heirs , incubates and feeds them regularly , 3 out of 5 has been hatched , today I am expecting one more , after two weeks I may remove the hen and let the cock finish the job and have comfortable cleanings as I will have to do once in a every second day .
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