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    Only recently got my first Budgie. <br /><br />I also ride horses, I have an Arab and an ASH that I show regularly. <br /><br />My dad is a farmer, so we have 5 Kelpies at the farm, (1 is my own), as well as two MaltxShitzuxPom puppies (1 is mine) and a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel at home.
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  1. I had success too! I succeeded with the leafy vegies... Started with the Parsley and now on to Bok Choy, which they love. I'm now giving them Bok Choy every morning when I let them out and it's been attacked by the time I get home to put them back. So happy!
  2. I've tried frosen peas and corn, and had grated carrot in a mix I mixed with seed... I just bought some bokchoy and parsley to try.
  3. I've tried mixing baby food into their seed, covering veggies with seed, hanging banana and apple in their cage, providing sprouted beans and i'm still not having much luck :[ I'm going to try hanging some spinach leaves in there next, as they eat eucalyptus leaves but only when they are dry and crackly.
  4. Thanks, Krosp. He is such a schmoocher!
  5. I don't have any on this computer, but i'll try to remember to have a look when I get home. Most pics I have are on my little arab, I don't have many yet of Bund. This is me and Bundy in our working class at Yass show earlier this year. We got second. I have more pictures from this day framed on my wall, but didn't think to scan them beforehand! http://www.all-creatures.net/gallery/displ...=277&pos=41
  6. What type opf events would you like to see? Lol.
  7. He has a doona from newmarket on. Best rugs i've ever bought, he is very far from being cold :] I have a pure wool under-rug to put on, but he hasn't been getting cold yet, so I may not even need it. That would be typical, waste of a new rug I clipped him because I compete full weekends nearly every weekend throughout winter, it's the main mounted games season. Its impossible to cool him off enough in between sessions with all that hair on, and he is much more comfortable cooling off easy than staying damp and sweaty. He still has furry legs and beard, so he's all good :] I took him to a SJ comp a week ago, and ended up getting high-point in D grade, very good effort for his second SJ comp! So now we go up to C, which will be good. I think he has the scope to make at least B, maybe A with consistent jump work. Very proud of my boy :]
  8. Yep, Australian Stock Horse :] He's all naked now, I body clipped him a few weeks ago. Looks funny!
  9. They do smell a bit funny... I might have a look at that article and try and do it properly instead of by accident, lol.
  10. Thanks everyone! I really was annoyed about having to put them in together, I was also hoping to do a bit of individual taming with the new bird. But as it turns out now they are together, the new bird is tamer than Minx. She is more flighty and being very anti-social since the new bird arrived. However I did get them both to sit on my finger this morning. I never really like the green/yellow series birds, but just love Squee and her bright colours... So now I've got my own, lol. I almost bought a beautiful DF Spangle (not sure on that, looked like a creamino with black eyes) but the pet shop she was at was less reputable than the one I ended up buying from.
  11. Um... I would guess at least a metre on the long side, maybe 50cm on the short side... And I will make it probablya metre tall. Okay nwo thinking about it I think the table is longer than a metre. I'll have to measure it. It's nice and big though. There will definately be a latch/locking type thing on the doors. Already have escaping birds, the new cage needs to be escape proof!
  12. The cage I have now is ****. lol. Minx can escape and Pickle nearly did while I was watching yesterday... I've temporarily remedied this by putting a towel on top of the cage... But I want a new cage. The ones in pet shops/on ebay are either not what I want, or super expensive, so i've decided to build one with the help of my dad and boyfriend. I want one bigger, longer horizontally than vertically, and a rectangle. I have a table that the cage is currently sitting on, and I want to make the new cage the size of the table. We are planning on making it out of mesh, similar to what most aviaries are made of. Is this suitable? We are thinking of ways to make a slide out tray at the bottom for easy cleaning, and will put hinged doors for food/water dishes. Now. If you could build your ideal cage, what features would you have? Little things to make it more convenient or fun for your bird? I'm looking for any and every idea... I want to make it the best I can, and something that I can ahve for a long time, and something that my budgies will enjoy.
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