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  1. I have long hair. My budgie lands on my head and slides down my hair so he can get to my face (he likes kisses). He also sometimes attacks my hair and gets all tangled up, it's pretty funny. I think it's natural for budgies to play with/in our hair. It's the human version of feathers after all.
  2. Chip looks like she had a wonderful personality. It can be awfully hard to lose a budgie, especially when they're part of the family, but the rose is just gorgeous and very fitting, a great memorial for your special little girl.
  3. Thank you so much for your replies last night. Ash seems to be his chipper old self this morning so fortunately no vet is needed this time. Will definitely keep the place at Albany Creek in mind though, great tip that one!
  4. Does anyone know of an avian vet in Brisbane open Sundays? I'm not sure my budgie is well and want a plan for tomorrow in case he wakes up sick...
  5. My budgie Ash will try and eat anything leafy and green that I bring into the house. I remember he got into some basil once and he spent the following 15 minutes frantically shaking his head trying to get rid of the "awful" taste . Needless to say he's never eaten basil again!
  6. Wow! I LOVE the bottom three photos! Such gorgeous budgies. General question for people who have a lot of birds - Do you name them all?
  7. What a gorgeous little thing. It'll be interesting to see what his adult feathers will look like. I had a budgie once who started off white with a couple pastel splotches, but he grew up to be bright yellow and blue with a green rump. I love how they change like that! You'll have to let us know how Jasper settles in.
  8. Thank you so much Catherine. I've been using an avian vet from Brisbane's southside who is just wonderful, even calling me at home for updates. I do believe she cares about my budgie as much as I do which is saying a lot. Ash is chatting next to me at the moment and I just heard him say my name clear as day! Finally - after four long years of training!!! :rofl:
  9. Ash recently got x-rayed due to illness, I thought some of you may be interested in his pictures. (The official diagnosis was heavy metal toxiosis and a bacterial liver infection. He's still not fully recovered but seems to be on the way. Fingers crossed!)
  10. aww I can't help looking at beautiful budgies like these without wanting to ruffle up their feathers. Are there any other mad people out there like me who sometimes wish budgies could grow as big as people so you could give them a big hug?
  11. Brisbane has been disgustingly hot and muggy the last few days. I'd normally be complaining but my poor budgie Ash is just home from the hospital and needs to be kept extra warm. I'm hoping the warm weather pulls him through, and quickly, as I'm sitting here sweating away in my loungeroom and would like to use a fan or the air-conditioner again sometime soon. Oh what we sacrifice for our babies!
  12. Sherbet is gorgeous Reminds me of my budgie Ash I hope he's okay
  13. How's Lemon doing today? I hope she's alright I've spent countless nights awake and worried about my birds, it's no fun when you think they may be sick. And they always seem to come down ill when the vet is closed! I've got my fingers crossed for you.
  14. He's a stunner, so fluffy! Beautiful colour, I love the grey ones
  15. I know what you mean, me and my budgie love nothing more than a good head rub when he's spiky. (Although his idea of a head rub is him rubbing his head on my face , gotta love a face-full of feathers!)
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