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  1. Schnitzel has just today developed an obsession with biting his toenails. I'm sure it's the actual nail he is biting because I can hear the clicking of the beak against it. He doesn't appear to be in any pain and nothing different or traumatic has happened to him. It looks as though he is just picking at them but I wasn't sure if it was something to worry about. I read on one of the other forum topics that budgies who are 'highly strung', stressed or bored can do this. He is taking a very long time to tame, he is still scared of us- could this have something to do with it? He has both room in his cage and of out of the cage time and he has toys that I change and rotate regularly(even though he has never touched one- he really is a different little bird!) What could be causing this and what can I do?
  2. I'm so glad that you all think she's a nut case too! It's a scary and sad thing to think of the people who will watch that video and believe her.
  3. I just found this video on youtube: The woman said that fasting (ie not allowing the bird to eat) for a period of time was a useful tool for taming. I have spent hours (and hours!) reading this forum and I have never heard anyone mention fasting. Is this as ridiculous to everyone else as it is to me? I would never dream of taking food away from my budgie!
  4. I was just wondering if there were any breeders from Canberra on the forum? I really want to avoid buying another budgie from a pet shop!
  5. This morning I uncovered Schnitzel and said good morning, poured myself a cup of tea and came and sat on the armchair next to his cage. He is still so scared of us, I am just sitting next to the cage whenever I can, working on the computer, playing music and chatting gently to him. It was just so lovely to watch him wake up this morning. He sat very quietly for half an hour, rearranging his feathers and looking around the room slowly. But he has just kicked into action- climbed up onto his swing (my eye level) and let out a few big chirps. He's obviously ready to start the day! Budgies really are the most adorable creatures
  6. Thanks for the help guys and he does look very funny being a bit shorter! I think he looks a bit fatter as a consequence...
  7. Thanks guys! I think I am just being over protective but I have lost two budgies in the last 4 months and I really don't want to lose Schnitzel, he's the last one! He's perked up a bit already- relief!
  8. Schnitzel has just managed to get the ends of his long tail feathers caught. When he is scared he drops right to the bottom corner of the cage. I went to partially cover his cage to keep him warm (it's a cold Canberra winter) and he managed to wedge his two long tail feathers into where the bars of the cage meets the plastic bottom. He was not getting them out himself, only pulling away without any luck. I slowly put my hand into the cage and gently held his body to stop him from moving forward to quickly. But he is still terrified of my hand and he bit hard and freaked out. He pulled the feathers clean out. Are these likely to be blood feathers? He didn't make a sound and is now just sitting still on the bottom perch. He will never let me near him to look at them but if this is likely to be serious I am going to have to. I just don't want to stress him out even more. Unfortunately, he is sitting too low in the cage for me to see if he is bleeding... What should I do?!okay, he just moved higher up the cage. There is no blood anywhere on him and the tips of the pulled feathers are clear...okay, he just moved higher up and I can't see any blood anywhere on him and the pulled feathers are both clear. Hope this helps. Maybe I'm just being over protective but I've had two budgies die in the last 4 months and I don't want to lose him as well, he's the only one left.
  9. This post has been such a relief for me! My only budgie, Schnitzel, is still terrified of us and we have had him for about 2 months. He has only in the past week really started to look totally comfortable and active in his cage (including discovering the joy of shredding the newspaper at the bottom of his cage!) but as soon as we come near the cage he either freezes up or drops to the bottom corner of the cage. I know I have to be patient and persistent but I was really starting to think there would be no hope of bonding with him. It's so nice to know that there are others in the same situation with great success stories! Thank you!
  10. I am so sorry toohp, it sounds like she was a lovely bird. RIP Fluff
  11. Hi guys, sorry I haven't replied to the responses in a while- I've been away. Schnitzel has only one long feather on each wing, should I still get that one clipped? The pet shop did it for me but my father has had a good deal of practice and can clip for me. Thanks very much for letting me know- that's why I love this forum! Schnitzel's quarantine ended about a week early, Effie managed to sneakily find him! They had already heard each other from their separate rooms in the house and had been calling to each other for a week. I was terrified that they didn't get the full month apart but thankfully they have been absolutely fine. Schnitzel had to have his cage partially covered most of the time he was alone, he was absolutely terrified of my partner and I. He would scream whenever we got too close to the cage and he would jump down to the bottom of the cage whenever we got near. Now he is with Effie he is much happier. She is a great teacher and VERY slowly he is coming around to us. No screaming anymore! At least he is healthy and the two of them get along fantastically- I am very happy!
  12. Schnitzel is my brand new budgie love- I got him this afternoon and he is currently serving his month in quarantine in my bedroom. I managed to get one photo of him today, although he was terrified enough of me without me following with a camera! I'd be interested to see what mutation he is and also any suggestions as to his age. The pet shop girl was, as we all would expect, basically useless but reported that Schnitzel was two months out of the nest. He is much bigger than either Chicken or Effie were when we got them but he still has a mostly purple cere- just showing a bit of blue at the top. Is his size to do with his age or his mutation? He has been very still and quiet but hopefully he will start to relax tomorrow! This photo shows him as being a much more aqua blue than he really is but he has wonderful blue cheeks and the same colour hidden under his wings
  13. Thanks everyone for the lovely replies, it was a hard day yesterday but having people that understand really helps. We have come to the conclusion that Chicken died from stress related illnesses. We had to move them both to my mothers house for a few days and I have read that a move like this can put stress on budgies and bring out sickness. I can't see what else it could have been. I am going to get a new budgie, hopefully today. My housemates and I just feel like Effie needs some budgie companionship and we don't want her to be alone while we are at work. I have a new cage and suitable spot in the house for a months quarantine- hopefully tonight I'll come home with a new baby to love. I'll put pictures up asap of course! Thanks again
  14. My male budgie, Chicken died last night. He had only been with us for a few months but I loved him dearly. He was such a sweetheart and I will greatly miss him preening my hair and his happy chirping. His friend, Effie, has been very lonely today. She was calling out to Chicken trying to work out where he was and the longer he didn't respond the louder she called. It was really awful to watch. I am heartbroken. RIP Chicken. xx
  15. Great photo!! Congratulations Misty!
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